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    Blog — black history month

    Black History Month

    Black History Month

    Happy February! Many of you know, February is Black History Month. This past summer was a highly energized season of racial conflict in our country, and for me and my family, it spurred us to seek out what racial reconciliation means and how we as a white family can contribute to the solution. We have a few family values that define what it means to “be a Watson”. These include things like: We are kind. We show respect. We tell the truth. We love to laugh. We value people over things. So as we faced the decision on what is our role in the pursuit of racial reconciliation, we were drawn to a posture of education and awareness. There’s so much I could share on this blog about this journey, but I want to focus specifically on empowering you and your family to join us and there’s no better time to start than now.

    My first challenge to you is to expand “Black History Month” to the entire year, not just the month of February. There’s just too much information to be gleaned about the excellent contributions and accomplishments of black people to squeeze into 28 days. To help you with this, we’ve come up with twelve ideas to expand your knowledge and awareness of black culture. Tackle one per month and you’ll be celebrating BHM all year long!

    1. Evening read with the kiddos: “What Color Is my World.”
    2. Mask up field trip to a Black Heritage tour near you. Locals, here are some Black Heritage tours in New Albany or visit Muhammed Ali Center.
    3. Word Search: Search, circle & educate. Free printables!
    4. Picture this: Picture book reading, “Henry’s Freedom Box.” (kid friendly)
    5. Movie Night: “The Color of Friendship” (kid friendly)
    6. Celebrate and Shop: Support Black owned businesses. 
      “That’s my Dog” and “Funky Waffle.” (Both located in Jeffersonville Indiana.)
    7. Documentary for Adults: “More Than A Month.
    8. Watch the movie “Hidden Figures”. There are also books of the story too.
    9. Printable Coloring Pages: Color and educate
    10. Educate through social media: Follow “The Conscious Kid
    11. Tune In: Listen and educate on black musicians.
    12. Read through “Honor Black History Month with Truth and Action” article from Be The Bridge

    So excited to be learning and growing alongside each other! If you have any other ways you love to celebrate Black History, comment below and let us know.

    Photo of Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, KY taken by Earth Trekkers.