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    The Elderberry Co. donates a percentage of all sales to Safe Passage, Inc.
    Safe Passage, Inc. was formed in 2018 in response to Kentucky’s need to open a shelter for sexually trafficked and exploited children. Today, Kentucky is annually identifying over 200 trafficked children in our state. 94% of these victims already have a history with child welfare, telling us our most vulnerable children are at serious risk of becoming trafficked. Youth who are homeless, runaway, poor, abused, and neglected are most at risk for the worst things in life, including continued poverty, abuse and even trafficking. We face a reality where these unfavorable (and uncontrollable) socio-economic factors tie directly into child trafficking. Traffickers prey on these children, those who come from unstable homes, are looking for an escape, and are vulnerable and desperate.
    Right now Kentucky has no shelter that specializes in serving trafficked children. These loved ones don’t fare well in crowded group homes that overlook and generalize their many complex needs. Safe Passage will be a unique space specifically designed for sexually trafficked and exploited children. We know this isn’t the end of the road for them. They have an entire hope-filled life ahead, and Safe Passage will be just one chapter.
    Click here to learn more about Safe Passage and get involved!