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The Elderberry Co.

Melatonin-Free Sleep Well Gummies - Kids 120 count

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Kiddos restless but you don't want to give them a Melatonin gummy full of unnecessary additives? This Melatonin FREE - Sleep Well Gummy is the perfect way to help your kiddos catch those Zzz easier! Using the amino acid L-Theanine and botanicals such as passionflower and lemon balm, this gummy is 100% safe and effective for your kiddos.

These Sleep Well Gummies are in a delicious raspberry flavor sure to please your family, making your kids excited for their bedtime routine. These Gummies come in a 2 month supply bottle of 120 count.

Sleep Well Gummy benefits:

  • Encourages restful sleep
  • Reduces nighttime anxiety
  • Contains L-Theanine, which encourages deep sleep through inducing alpha brain waves– no next-day crash like with melatonin!