Aronia Berries? Never Heard of Them...

Aronia Berries? Never Heard of Them...

What sets us apart from other Elderberry Syrup brands?

This is a question we receive on a regular basis.  Now, I know we are biased, but there are several significant ways our Elderberry Syrup is above and beyond other brands out shipping, no added sugar or preservatives, brewed fresh weekly and... (drum roll, please) aronia berries! Usually when I say “aronia berries”, people look at me like I have ten heads. Well, their common name is “chokeberry” and they are AMAZING.

When I first started making syrup in my home kitchen, I only used elderberries in the recipe. I didn’t even know aronia berries existed! Then a sweet older couple at our Farmer’s Market introduced them to me and asked me to make a batch using fresh ones from their farm. I eagerly went home and researched aronia berries. Once I learned all about the benefits, there was no way I couldn’t include them in my recipe! They enhanced the flavor, made our syrup a brighter pink and added so much strength in terms of immune support!

Aronia berries are a small, round fruit found in North America. They contain high levels of antioxidants which makes it one of the highest antioxidant content of any fruit (even elderberries)! When it comes to antioxidants, studies have shown they help reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, inflammation, bacterial infections and many others. These berries also contain tons of vitamins and minerals, including zinc, magnesium, iron and vitamins C, B and K. 

If you are looking for ways to add aronia berries into your daily routine other than our elderberry syrup, here are some helpful ideas! They can be eaten fresh or as a dried snack, make a refreshing summer smoothie, easily add them into some sweet desserts, make a delicious jam, and they can also be found in some teas, coffee and even wine! 

Let’s break down the health benefits a little bit more here! As always, we recommend checking with your care provider when beginning any health regimen.

  • Offer overall improvement of the circulatory, respiratory, and digestive  systems
  • Help combat the growth of certain cancers
  • Support the immune system and help fight diseases and infection

Be sure to check out some recipes below of how you can use aronia berries!

Have you used aronia berries in a recipe that you love? Share the recipe with us, we would love to hear about it!

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Hey Sandi!
That sounds very delicious! We love to hear the different recipe ideas our customers have, so thank you for sharing that. Appreciate you!

Customer Service- Alexandra

Yes, they are found in NW Iowa! My sister n her hubby picked buckets of them then I helped wash n prepare for the next processes. We ground then n made juice (unsweetened)to add to my cream of rice with abit of french vanilla coffee creamer…oh yum!! I also add to different recipes for the flavors n benefits as I have had breast cancer and not going to pass up this great benefit!! My sister made the best jam and jarred it, so good, rich, tasty on hot buttered toast. Aronia berries…so good and so good for you💜💜💜

Sandi Carter

Hi Ramona!
Yes, we have had aronia berries in our Elderberry syrup and syrup kits for a little over two years now!

Hi Chris!
We do use them in our Elderberry Syrup and our Syrup Kits, yes! We are currently not selling them. However, you can email our COO, Megan, at if interested and she can let you know when and if we will be selling the Aronia Berries by themselves!

Kimberly- Customer Care Team

R the aronia berries in all ur products now?

Ramona Soura

Where can you buy them? Never heard of them. Are they in your elderberry products? Love them!!

Chris Ulrich

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