Attention All Teachers! Why You Can’t Live without Elderberry Syrup this School Year

Attention All Teachers! Why You Can’t Live without Elderberry Syrup this School Year

Teachers are amazing. Whether you are a teacher or have a friend/family member who is a teacher, you know how hard they work and how much care they put into their jobs. They don’t just see their profession as a paycheck, but they truly value the time and energy they put into educating each student in their classroom. We have many customers who are teachers, and they tell us often how our elderberry syrup has kept them healthy all school year long. We got to hear from Natalie, a teacher and mom who has been a longtime customer with us since the beginning, on how she found out about our product and what it’s doing to help keep her and her family healthy! 

As a mom and teacher, Natalie needed a natural way to keep her immune system strong while being in the classroom and for her own girls at home who were always getting the sniffles, especially through the colder months. I’m sure there are lots of teachers out there who know all about the germs that can spread pretty fast! From the sneezing, runny noses and coughing on everything they touch, finding the best way to stay healthy is a must! 


What products do you and your family take? 

  1. We all 5 take a dose of Elderberry syrup daily. When we travel, we will buy the gummies to bring with us so we can continue to take them over vacations. If anyone is feeling sick, we will often up their dosage. We vary between buying the syrup already made and buying the home kit to make it ourselves.
  2. We also have started buying the growler of tea during tech week for my oldest daughter to help keep her healthy before shows.
  3. I love the Elderberry loose leaf tea to make hot tea during the winter months.
  4. I also love the honey and the honey straws that have been sold there.

What is your favorite product and why?

Elderberry syrup is probably our favorite because we use it all the time. We do love the teas and get excited when it's time to get those.

What made you want to try our products? 

I started purchasing (from the house) during cold and flu season when it felt like my kids (all were small at the time) were always getting sick (snuffles and such). I was looking for anything that would help and when I asked my mom about Elderberry she shared that she used to take it as a kid for health benefits. So I thought we would give it a try!

Why do you continue taking our products?

I certainly think it has boosted our immune systems. We have gotten far fewer colds/flu/general sicknesses that we used to since taking it daily. Extra doses during high stress/energy times (for my kids tech week for shows) has helped keep their energy levels constant and overall health strong during trying times.

What do you want people to know about The Elderberry Co?

It's a great local business with amazing products! 


So if you are a teacher, we would LOVE to have you try us out. We want to empower you to stay healthy and active as you educate the next generation. Now through August 1st, you can save 25% on your order with code BACK2SCHOOL and when you apply the code to a subscription (to receive your product on a recurring basis), you can save an extra 10% off for a total of 35%!

Are you a teacher who has benefited from elderberry? Comment below and tell us your story!

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