Back To School List

Back To School List

While we have enjoyed a little summer break, yes we are already talking back to school! *Cue a long sigh for the kiddos* That transition can sometimes be rough. We want to be able to make this a somewhat easier process for you parents when it comes to the supplies! It can sometimes be a little hectic going into the store having a long list. Maybe you don’t have the time or can’t find something you need. We have provided some links below of some products we found that will help this process be as smooth as possible for you, by coming straight to your door. Some of these products are even on sale currently! We’ve added prices in the description, however that can change depending on the time you are reading this.

This organizer will keep all of those smaller supplies in one place!

Large capacity pencil case that comes in 6 different colors for $6.99!

For those pencils that get lost… 

150 ct #2 Pre-Sharpened Pencils for $12.49

Stock up on those notebooks because they go so fast!

This 6 pack of notebooks comes in assorted colors so you have a notebook for each class! They're $8.42!

These can get misplaced so easily, so have some for backup! 

3 Pack of Scissors for $8.99!

Stay organized for each class!

6 Pack 3-Ring binders! $26.99

For those smaller kids, these will most certainly help train them parents! 

4 Pack of cute Butterfly Pencil grips for the little ones! $3.99

Stay stocked up on highlighting those important deadlines for assignments!

8 Pack Sharpie Highlighters! $8.26

Keeping their lunch organized and clean!

Bento Box kids lunch organizer! $16.90

For our homeschooled kids, this tabletop board is perfect for you parents! 

Portable white board with expo markers for $21.99!

Staying organized while teaching at home! 

Easy assembled organizer for School Supplies! $15.42

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