Celebrating Dad!

Celebrating Dad!

“A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow.” - Unknown

Father’s day is a day to celebrate the spirit of fatherhood. When I look at my dad, I see a strong Marine Veteran, protector, provider, I feel safe and cozy anytime he is around. Growing up I remember my dad always being outside fixing something, mowing the lawn or going on hikes with my brother and I. He is someone I always looked up to and still do as an adult. He showed me what strength looked like and how to handle my own if need be. A father to me is someone who is an anchor in the family. A lighthouse guiding me back home when I’m feeling a little lost in life. A storyteller of how he grew up in simpler times. Knows how to make me laugh within a matter of seconds. My dad is a safe haven for me and always will be. 

I know that Father’s day looks different for everyone. It can be painful, unacknowledgable or simply just another day. There are some who grew up without a father or they may have not had the chance to have much time with their own. I hope you were or are able to have a man figure in your life that could be your own anchor. That you could feel safe with or stands right behind you during your setbacks in life.  

Do you have a father or father like figure in your life that has made an impact on you? 

We would love to hear in the comments below what that looks like for you! 

Don’t forget to give them a little extra love on this special day.

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Thank you for sharing about your sweet dad Kathryn! The small moments that you shared are what we remember most and can make the most impact I feel. He sounded like a sweet human!

Alexandra- Customer Care

My Dad. He was a tower of a man standing 5’7". He was a man of God who taught me many life lessons without saying a word. He was an Army Veteran, building bridges
during WWll in both theaters of operation. He laughed easily, worked extremely hard for his family and spent lots of time taking us sledding, playing ping pong and teaching us to love hard work. He passed too soon 32 years ago and I miss him still.

Kathryn Bremmer

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