Celebrating Galentine’s Day!

Celebrating Galentine’s Day!

By Alex Dean

Today is officially Galentine’s Day! Now you may be asking yourself what is Galentine’s day? Well it’s a fun way to celebrate your female friendships. We are usually celebrating it with our significant other which is very sweet, don’t get me wrong. But celebrating yourself and other women is so encouraging and uplifts the spirit. We are stronger than we realize sometimes and are capable of so much in this life. So grab your girls, and make it a fun day or night in celebrating your beautiful existence! 

Something we want to highlight is women-owned businesses right here in the heart of downtown New Albany. It takes a lot of work to own and run a business. These women that we have gotten to know in our sweet, little community have so much heart and devotion. We don’t look at competition, we look at lifting one another up when one is down. We support and give advice when it’s asked. We pave the way for one another and give a shoulder to lean on when one is falling. 

So in this so-called, “month of love,” we encourage you to show some love to women owned businesses. New Albany offers so many cool, unique shops and we understand that with them being local, sometimes you’re not able to get to them if you live further away. Well, you’re in luck because below we have listed some shops that you can find online! 

I encourage you to also check some out in your own community and give back the love to these hard working women. 






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