Core Value: Kindness

Core Value: Kindness

“Kindness is the light that dissolves all walls between souls, families and nations.”

This week we are spotlighting one of our core values that we have here at The Elderberry Co. Not only do we practice these core values with one another but with our customers as well! 

Let’s talk about Kindness. What does that look like to you? Have you ever experienced an act of kindness from someone that you will forever remember? You never know what somebody is going through. That is something that we truly hold onto here at work. We can all go about our day, with our task list in hand, focused. But we always remember to stop and have conversation with one another. Whether that looks like giving support, simply listening, or giving advice on how to make something better. Sometimes it means helping our team members with their own task list when there is a lot on their plate. 

Kindness comes in many forms. Small acts of kindness are just as important as the big ones! Usually when you hear about kindness, it is a story about someone showing kindness to others. What about showing kindness to ourselves as well? How we talk and treat ourselves is a reflection of how we approach others. It’s about extending the same intentions to ourselves too. So a sweet little reminder to show yourself kindness and others as well. 

At the end of the day, we are all in this together! 

How could you extend kindness to someone today? It can be a family member, friend or even a stranger. Remember everyone has a story and you never know how powerful your words and actions can be. You never know who you could be saving by one simple act of kindness.

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Hey Patty!
Thank you for taking the time to read it! You are so valued.

Alexandra- Customer Service

This is so good ! Thank you for your heart.


Hey Carol!
What a wonderful, whole hearted story. Thank you for sharing that! It truly is the little things that can make a heart light up in the best of ways.
God bless you and your sweet girl.

Alexandra- Customer Service

My daughter, a little social butterfly, has Down Syndrome. She seems to know when someone, even a stranger, needs someone else to talk to. Quite often she will say " I made their day". One time that especially stands out in my mind is when we were at a large international airport. A lady came up to me and said that my daughter was the first person to ever say that she looked pretty, She had major medical issues that were quite apparent and most people looked away and never spoke with her. Needless to say “it made my day” also.
Just a smile, a thank you or other kind word is all it takes.


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