Customer Highlight: Amber’s Story

Customer Highlight: Amber’s Story

Even though Jenny didn’t know me, she made me feel like I wasn’t alone, in the desire to keep my child healthy, naturally.”

- Amber, Elderberry Co. customer

Amber is just one of our customers, but her story is common. She needed a natural way to keep her family healthy. Not only will you learn from her story how our products helped her problem, but you’ll see that our small business vibes of genuine customer care is what has kept her coming back as a valued member of our elderberry community. Here’s her story:

What elderberry products do you use?

“Our son, Jameson, takes the syrup daily. He has used the gummies, as well. I have enjoyed the tea, on several occasions!

Why did you start using our products?

When Jameson was 2 (4/2017), he contracted Flu A. He went in to respiratory failure and we spent 7 nights in the PICU. He was then diagnosed with Asthma. The Elderberry craze had just begun, and a mutual friend had tagged Jenny, on Facebook. Desperate for knowledge, on how to keep my sweet boy healthy via natural ingredients, I reached out to Jenny. She was in the learning phase herself, and making jars for friends, out of her home. She kindly offered me a jar, after hearing my story. Even though she didn’t know me, she made me feel like I wasn’t alone, in the desire to keep my child healthy, naturally. Jameson loved the syrup! Every month, I would pick up a jar from Jenny’s house! I attended the ribbon cutting ceremony, and have watched The Elderberry Co. grow, with a grateful heart! Jameson has not been hospitalized since, and “knock on wood,” not had another asthma exacerbation. I treat the syrup just as I would, any medication- he never misses a “dose.” 

Why do you continue to use our products?

We continue to use the syrup, because quite frankly, I’m not willing to see how often he may get sick without it! It seems, my niece and nephew, and friend’s kiddos are always sick. Jameson is RARELY sick. When he does come down with something, it’s mild and only for a couple days- this includes COVID; which for him, lasted 3 days with very mild symptoms. 

I will always stand by the syrup, made by The Elderberry Co. And, I will always support, Jenny. She genuinely cares, and her product is made with love and compassion.

If you have had a positive experience and want us to know about it, please directly reach out to us via email at answering those same questions! 

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