Customer Highlight: Carol Hurst

Customer Highlight: Carol Hurst

“I am so thankful to have found such a great quality product!” - Carol Hurst 

Carol is just one of our customers, but her story is common. She needed a natural way to keep her immune system strong while teaching the little ones! I’m sure there are lots of teachers out there who could sympathize with Carol. Though they may be little, the germs are big! From the sneezing, runny noses and coughing on everything they touch, finding the best way to stay healthy is a must for teachers! 

We chatted a bit with Carol about her favorite products and why she loves them! Here is what she had to say :

What elderberry products do you use?
“I use elderberry syrup and local honey from the Elderberry Co.”

Why did you start using our products?
“A few years ago during a bad flu season, I started taking elderberry syrup because I heard about the many benefits for your immune system. As a preschool teacher, I am exposed to a lot of viruses! I have found that elderberry syrup helps me stay healthier. I am so thankful to have found such a great quality product!”

Why do you continue to use our products?
“I take it daily to keep my immune system strong!”

We love to hear about how our products have helped you or your family stay healthy like they helped Carol! 

If you have had a positive experience and want us to know about it, please directly reach out to us via email at answering those same questions!
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