Elderberry and Breastfeeding

Elderberry and Breastfeeding

Is Elderberry Syrup safe while breastfeeding? We get this question a lot, so I decided to make a blog about it. Our first response to customers is always to check with your care provider. My care provider during pregnancy and our pediatrician approved it for us, but we always want our customers to take this first step before taking our elderberry syrup. In my personal opinion (and I'm a momma, not a doctor), elderberry syrup is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding! It is a fantastic way to naturally boost your immune system and keep your family healthy :-)

Let me tell you about my experience with breastfeeding. I’ve breastfed two children and both experiences could not have been more different from each other. Breastfeeding my first child was probably one of the most heart breaking experiences of my life, while breastfeeding my second child was easily one of the most joyful. I know I’m not alone in my experience. I have talked with countless women who have loved breastfeeding and others who have hated it. Wherever you land, we can all agree that breastfeeding is not for the faint of heart. It requires dedication, compassion and a servant-minded heart that only those who have walked that path can understand.

One thing I absolutely believe is crucial to a positive breastfeeding experience is milk supply. There are several ways you can support your milk supply and one of those ways is with Amoremilk.com’s Lactation Cookie Mix. These cookies are PACKED with ingredients that are proven to increase milk supply AND did I mention they are DELICIOUS??

Whether you are currently breastfeeding, plan to breastfeed or know someone in your life who is breastfeeding, this Lactation Cookie Mix is the perfect way to help increase milk supply while supporting a non-profit called Scarlet Hope. 100% of every purchase you make at amoremillk.com goes to help rescue and employ women who have been victimized by trafficking and exploitation. Learn more and purchase with FREE SHIPPING at amoremilk.com!

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Hey Renee!
We appreciate our customers honesty and feedback! We do our best to keep a consistent taste batch to batch but sometimes batches tend to be more or less sweet/spicy depending on the particular harvest of berries or honey. We will never waiver on quality, your elderberry jar will always be produced with the same recipe and process, but variation in taste will still occur. Please reach out if you ever have any further questions. We are here to help!

Customer Service- Alexandra

I like the Elderberry Syrup, I just find it a little to sweet

Renee Bradshaw

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