Elderberry & Safe Passage

Elderberry & Safe Passage

Did you know that money from every jar you purchase goes to the organization Safe Passage?

When you purchase from The Elderberry Co., you are helping a shelter embrace and love children who have been through some of the darkest and unimaginable events in their life.

Safe Passage is Kentucky’s first shelter for sexually trafficked and exploited children. Their website states these statistics. “Today, Kentucky is annually investigating over 250 cases of alleged child trafficking. 94% of these victims already have a history with child welfare, telling us our most vulnerable children are at serious risk of becoming trafficked.”

There shouldn’t be numbers at all, but those numbers are insanely high. This is not just taking place in Kentucky, we just happened to have numbers on Kentucky, but the reality is this is happening all across the globe.

Cara Starns, the Founder and President has a remarkable story on how she founded this organization. I highly encourage you to jump on over to her website and check it out!

We know our customers and readers. We know some of you are pretty active. If you like to run or if you like to chase people we’ve got something awesome to tell you about. Right now you’re probably slightly concerned and wondering where I’m going with this. 

Nothing weird. Well, it’s kinda weird, but fun!

Safe Passage is putting on a Zombie Race called Out of the Grave 5K! This will be a thrilling run. Runners will listen along to a story about a trafficked child and her race for hope, while being chased by Zombies. 

Running isn’t really your isn’t your thing? They need Zombies too! Your job would be to “kill” runners by stealing lifelines from their flag belts. Clearly, this event is going to be epic. We are sponsors of it and would love to see you there. I will be the out of breath one running for my life. This is Megan by the way. Not Jenny, Jenny would totally crush this run. I’m more of an elliptical kinda gal.

Get out your pens, and mark your calendars. No, seriously. We want to see our Elderberry friends supporting this great cause that is near and dear to our hearts. Gather your coworkers or friends and sign up as a team! The race will be ran on Saturday, October 26th and starts at twilight, 5pm. Spooky.

Want more info, check out their website and register! Make sure to let us know in the comments if you’re coming!

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