Finding Fun in the Summer Sun

Finding Fun in the Summer Sun

By Marley Wells

Today is the FIRST DAY of summer– one of the most coveted times of year for families. Schools are on break, the outdoors is booming back to life, late sunsets give a bit extra time to enjoy each day– all the quintessential things that make summer, summer. Another thing that is an essential (or rather, inevitable) part of summer? The chorus of kids exclaiming “I’m bored!!” To help you get ahead of your little ones, we have compiled a list of fun, affordable ways you can have some lovely family time this summer.

First, we want to share this amazing website that could prove to be useful for your family: Family Days Out allows you to search for family-friendly activities local to your area– you can even apply certain filters, such as by age group, outdoors vs indoors, and only free attractions. So, if you are ever stumped for activities, this website is a great starting point!

  • Go fishing at a local lake, or wade around a creek searching for unusual rocks/minerals. 
  • Try out Geocaching– the ultimate outdoor scavenger hunt.
  • Visit a local garden center for a mini-lesson on ecology.
  • Paint “Kindness Stones” to place around your community.
  • Make leaf rubbings from all of the different trees in your yard.
  • Give your kid a disposable camera to document their day, then develop the photos into a journal.
  • Make some delicious, nutritious Elderberry Popsicles and have an outdoor picnic.
  • Talk to fellow parents in your neighborhood and organize a bike parade– attach flags, streamers, and more to the kids’ bikes for a whole-community activity.
  • Visit the “local history” section of your library, then do a DIY walking tour of the historic sites.
  • Beat the heat and catch a movie at your local theater– many have children’s movie matinee programs through the summer.

  • To keep your kiddo energized throughout these fun activities, snacks are key. What better snack than a sweet, nourishing treat like a honey stick? Not only is your kid sure to love the flavor, but honey is also packed with antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory. Pick from a variety of flavors and save 15% on your honey straws when you use code HONEY15! What fun plans do you have this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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    Hey Kaye! We are so thankful that you spread the word with your friends and loved ones— we appreciate you! The recipe for the natural bug spray was: 2 cups distilled white vinegar, 1 cup water, ½ cup Lemongrass Zen Castile Liquid Soap. Let us know if you have any other questions and we are happy to help!


    Hey there what was the recipe for masquito spray you shared ? I can’t find it but I made it from memory and it works yet I feel like I forgot one ingredient??
    White vinager
    Castile soap
    Water ?
    Lemon grass EO
    It works marvelously and I’ve shared that info with family n friends but like I said I feel like I missed something
    Thank you and will be ordering soon
    I share your Facebook page with friends because I love your products and I’m just using them as I was stocked up on other stuff I had to use
    Best wishes on your adventures and company

    Kaye Chilton

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