From farm to brew to table: Why our Elderberry Syrup is literally the best

From farm to brew to table: Why our Elderberry Syrup is literally the best

BLOG UPDATE: I originally wrote this blog in the beginning of February before the war in Ukraine began, with the plan of posting it in March. I wanted to write a blog showing our customers the quality and freshness of our hand crafted, small batch Elderberry Syrup…made with elderberries grown in Ukraine. With the recent events in Ukraine, I also wanted to let our customers know that we are keeping in touch with our Ukrainian farmers and praying for their safety. We invite you to pray alongside us for the entire country of Ukraine.

There are a TON of reasons why our Elderberry Syrup stands out from what you will find at the grocery store or pharmacy, but perhaps the most important reason is the trusted source of our ingredients. In this blog, we are so excited to share more about our amazing elderberry and aronia berry farmers and how these superfruits come straight from the soil, to our brew pots, and into your cute little jar of elderberry syrup…giving you and your family exactly what you need to stay healthy with strong immune systems and thriving wellness.

The quality of our ingredients starts with our farmers. Our elderberries and aronia berries are from a clean region of Ukraine that are up in the hills, away from towns and other farms to avoid any exposure to chemicals, pesticides or pollutants. The workers handpick the berries to bring back to the USDA Certified Organic and FDA-Registered Facility for examination, cleaning/sorting, drying, and re-cleaning/sorting before going onto final testing and packaging. The berries also go through a manual cleaning process to help remove unripe berries and debris by hand, following the initial rounds of sorting.

Robert Urich quotes, “A healthy outside starts from the inside.” We love seeing our customers look to natural plant-based sources for their health and nutrition. Our Elderberry Syrup is just one way for you to introduce the incredible benefits of plants into your family’s diet. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality products, from trusted farmers and partners, and if syrup isn’t your thing, we have a whole line of products that can help you keep your immune system strong! As always, thank you for continuing to support our small business! We couldn’t do what we do without you!

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That’s a great question! We, fortunately, are not having any difficulties sourcing our elderberries. We are staying in contact with our farmers in Ukraine and praying for their safety. We have great relationships with our farmers, and at the moment do not foresee any supply issues.

Kimberly- Customer Care Team

Looks like a very intense process. Hope it is not affected by the their war.

walter schmidt

With the current war raging across Ukraine, are you having any difficulties sourcing your elderberries, and do you have a contingency plan, or alternate sources if the Ukrainian source is compromised, if it isn’t already? Thank you.

Jeff Urdank

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