Happiness Is A State Of Mind

Happiness Is A State Of Mind

“If you want to see the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” - Dolly Parton

When we hear the word “happiness,” It seems pretty simple to give the definition to that. According to google, it’s an emotional state characterized by feelings of joy, satisfaction, contentment and fulfillment. When I hear this word, it’s not as simple as that for me. It can be somewhat of a complex answer. I can be having a rather “dark” type of day but maybe have a memory pop up or a split second of happiness wash over me then still be rather sad. 

Happiness really is a state of mind! 

It’s a skill you learn and try to practice the rest of your life. Now don’t get me wrong, it can be very hard to find or do. Everyone has been through some sort of heartbreak in this lifetime. This time of year, the weather is cold. The sky is gloomy and the memories of loved ones that are no longer with us as we start the new year can be hard. It almost seems hopelessness is easier to find rather than happiness. The thing about happiness though is: it can be found in the simplest of things. The sun on your face, being out in nature, that first bite of a chocolate chip cookie right out of the oven, warm hot cocoa by the fire or even the new season premiere of your favorite show. Happiness can be found just about anywhere but it’s up to us to seek it out.

It’s not measured in what you have but what you feel. Look at it this way.. Happiness will always win and that my friend is beautiful. 

I love hearing from other people and their perspectives on certain things. Happiness can look or feel like many different things to one another. Here’s a few answers I received back when I asked some of my friends what happiness means to them. 

“Happiness is an emotion. It comes and goes throughout life. Joy, on the other hand, is a choice. I can choose joy even when I’m not feeling happy. I love getting to feel happiness but I can’t choose or make myself feel it. I can, however, choose joy that is rooted in Jesus. With that comes a peace that surpasses anything I could ever hope for or imagine.”  

“Seeing the people that I love happy. Also, knowing when everyone is home safe.” 

“I have experienced it but it's been so long I don’t know what it looks like anymore. But I’m growing into a new person so maybe true happiness looks different to that person. I won’t know true happiness until I become who I am suppose to be” 

“Being in control of my energy and time. If I have those in control and aligned right, then I know I have the right folks around me. I’m moving the way I should and things that I value are getting the proper time and attention.” 

As you can see, happiness comes in many forms and different times of our lives. I hope you can find happiness in this world that seems full of chaos sometimes. Whether it’s for a split second on a rough day or an everyday consistency, it’s a feeling that is so worth searching for.  

What are some ways you find or create happiness for yourself? We would love to hear in the comments. 

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