Honey Crystallization - Why it happens and what to do

Honey Crystallization - Why it happens and what to do

You may notice our honey crystallizing in the bottle. This is completely normal and actually a sign that the honey is in its true raw, unprocessed form. Raw honey contains small particles of pollen, beeswax, bee glue and other nutrients. That's not a bad thing and they are largely responsible for raw honey's extra health benefits. But those tiny bits and pieces are perfect for the glucose to crystallize on as it becomes undissolved in the honey solution. Those little particles are the reason that raw honey is more likely to encourage the formation of crystals over a pasteurized and fully processed product.

You don’t need to decrystallize the honey unless you want to! There's nothing wrong with crystallized honey. You can sprinkle it on top of your porridge, or blend it with runny honey to create something known as 'creamed honey' which is excellent for spreading on toast. In fact, honey retains all of its flavor and quality in its crystallized form, so in most cases for cooking you can just continue to use it as you normally would.

However we also understand the desire to have it returned back to that lovely smooth golden honey that you had when you first bought it.

To decrystallize your honey, all you need is the warm water from your kitchen tap and a small bowl:

  • Let the water run so it gets nice and warm,
  • Place your jar of honey in the bowl and add water until it's about three-quarters up the side of the jar.
  • Using a teaspoon, stir the honey gently and continuously, making sure not to splash water into your jar.

You will soon see the crystallization process start to reverse. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@theelderberryco.com!

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Hey there, Mechele! If you are wanting flavor-infused honeys, I would check out our Honey Straws. As far as bottles of raw honey, we do only have plain local honey! Let us know if you have any other questions, we are always here and happy to help.


I know your company is called elderberry, but I wanted to ask if you have different flavors of honey, like elderberry, honey or cranberry honey?


Randy, We are so glad to hear you enjoy them! Of course! You as well.

Kimberly- Customer Care Team

We have had your products in the past and enjoyed them, thank you for the information about the honey, have a safe and enjoyable week.

Randy Allison

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