It's Not Really About Elderberry Syrup...

It's Not Really About Elderberry Syrup...

This past month, we surpassed $20,000 in donations to a nonprofit called Safe Passage, committed to awareness and prevention around the topic of Human Trafficking. That's a TON of money!

We don't shout out that number to "toot our own horn", but we are passionate about communicating to our community that it is NOT Elderberry Syrup that makes us tick.

Sure, we 100% believe in our Elderberry Syrup. It works. It has transformed our family's health and given us a way to naturally and effectively boost our immune systems. 

But when you sit across the table from me, I don't necessarily "light up" when Elderberry Syrup comes up in conversation. Here's what I "light up" about:

  • Challenging Myself: This business has grown me and continues to grow me in ways I am incredibly thankful for. It has taught me how to prioritize and balance my life between being home with my kids and at the "office" growing a business. I've learned a lot, but boy I have a LONG way to go!
  • Challenging My Kids: One of the most surprising things about this business is how it has ignited a sense of AMBITION in set goals, dream big and accomplish stuff. And as a mom, my kids (whether they know it or not) are my driving motivation to stick with this, even through the hard days. Because I want to be able to sit across a table from them someday and show them how I led an ambitious life, managing my fears but pushing past them to live an extraordinary life.  And challenge them to do the same.
  • Challenging My Community: I am incredibly proud that in 6 months I was able to donate $20,000 to contribute to the fight to end Human Trafficking. To me, THAT'S CRAZY. I'm in a season in my life where I can't focus a lot of my energy toward more active ways to contribute to the solution of this injustice. I have little ones at home and a business to run. And I know I'm not alone in the "busyness" of life. We all have things on our plates and ways the hours in our days fill up and leave us feeling like we are just keeping our head above water. But that's no excuse. I want to challenge my community. How wonderful to live life with a focus on impacting our world, contributing to solutions rather than talking about problems. 

 $20,000 is extravagant, but impacting the world doesn't have to be. Before I started my business, I felt the mundane-ness of stay-at-home mom life. Wiping butts and feeding mouths around the clock. And in all honesty, I didn't feel like I was changing the world, just changing diapers. It's hard to see past the muck of everyday life sometimes. But if we can keep our eyes focused on what matters...caring and loving others as we love ourselves...we can take the every day stuff and live an incredible life.

 My simple goal in telling you all of this is to cheer you on in whatever it is that you do. Every day. Make it about others. Contribute to solutions. Start with your family, your neighbors, your community.

 To Healthy and Happy Families,


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