Making Mom Feel Loved Every Day

Making Mom Feel Loved Every Day

By Marley Wells

Yesterday was Mother’s Day! We here at The Elderberry Co. hope that all of you lovely ladies out there had a beautiful day, full of appreciation and love. We come to you the day after to remind ourselves that showing gratitude for the ones we love, who nourish our souls and care for us so intimately, comes EVERY day of the year– not just once! What are some casual, year-round ways you can show the mothers in your life how much you value them?

  • Give your mom a call. It sounds so basic, but it truly makes a monumental difference. We live in an age where people are so used to impersonal texts and social media posts, that hearing a loved one’s voice makes all the difference. Whether you are a college student away from your mom for the first real time, or middle-aged with kids of your own– surprising your mother with a random call to chat about her day and just say hello is an easy, impactful way to show your love. You could go really old school and even handwrite a letter!
  • Acts of service. It goes without saying that moms are busy. Take a bit off her plate by taking on a task of hers. It could be going to the grocery store, doing extra household cleaning, taking the kids to their extracurricular activities, etc. Find tasks that the mother in your life has to regularly do, and lighten her load!
  • Be specific in your thankfulness. Get into a habit of not just saying “thank you” when she does something kind or helpful for you. Adding more specificity makes it more personal and shows that you really pay attention to and care about how much she does for you. “Thank you for cooking us great meals!”; “Thank you for always listening.
  • Offer some quiet time. One of the most common things that mothers across the board experience is overstimulation, where they’re just touched-out and overwhelmed by the sounds of kids and life. Give her a chance to calm down, collect herself, and relax in the quiet by either 1) whisking her away to somewhere that is peaceful 2) whisking away the kids so momma can enjoy some quiet time alone at home.

  • Of course, you know the mother in your life the best. You know her personality, her needs and wants, and her life rhythm. So, don’t feel stuck to this list! Get creative and come up with some unique ways, tailored just for her, to show her some appreciation year-round. What are some ways you like to show or be shown appreciation? Let us know in the comments!
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