Our Favorite Product (Do We Have To Pick a Favorite??)

Our Favorite Product (Do We Have To Pick a Favorite??)

We don't have a ton of products (as you can see when you click "Shop") but often our customers will ask us, "What product do you recommend?" 

We love the Wellness Tea and the Kits smell AMAZING (seriously), but we have to admit, our ready-made Elderberry Syrup is where it's at. It is the product that started our business, the product that SAVED our family from countless sick visits to the doctor. So why do we love our Elderberry Syrup so much? Let us count the ways:

  • We love the taste. We always say the best way to describe the taste of our syrup is "Christmas". It's the perfect blend of sweet and spicy, a blend of dark berries, spices and raw honey. Some say it's too sweet, others say it's too spicy but we say it's "just right".
  • It works! We often joke at our farmer's market booth when we are chatting with customers. We say things like, "I'm not a doctor....I'm just a mom....but this stuff works! It's like magic!" ... Well it's not magic, it's actually science. The elderberry itself has a ton of immune and respiratory benefits . And did you know we only recently added Aronia Berries to our recipe because these berries are the HIGHEST antioxidant fruit known to man! How could we leave that out of our recipe? In addition to our berries, we add a spice blend of ginger, clove and cinnamon which bring added health benefits and are all 100% organic. We complete our process by adding raw honey to our syrup, giving our bodies anti-bacterial, antioxidants and natural enzymes to help boost our immune systems.

Ok, just two reasons we love our Elderberry Syrup...aside from the fact that we LOVE this business. I built this business from my tiny home kitchen with a baby on my hip and a toddler chasing me around like a crazy person. I have balanced business and family with lots of laughter, tears and ambition. I hope to take you along with me for the journey because we have BIG plans to continue growing our business as we keeps our eyes focused on our mission to empower families with a natural and effective way to boost our immune systems.

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