Our Heart for NICU Families

Our Heart for NICU Families

One of my favorite things about our company is our program for NICU families. Our program changes from time to time, but we currently offer FREE elderberry syrup to NICU families for the first year of that baby's life. We used to offer free elderberry syrup only when the baby was in the NICU, but we quickly remembered that it is often just as scary, if not scarier, to keep germs away from that baby once he/she is brought home. Now the elderberry syrup is obviously not for the actual NICU baby (it has honey in it)...it is for the family and friends surrounding that baby, to keep everyone healthy so they can hold and love on baby. Isn't that awesome??

Now maybe you are asking: How does a family get into this NICU Family Program? And the answer is simple. Just contact us directly requesting to join the program. We will ask for a little information and then set you up with your FREE elderberry syrup!

Are you one of our precious NICU families who has benefited from our elderberry syrup? If so, please comment below and tell us about your experience! We would love to share your story with our other customers and continue to spread the word about the immune-boosting benefits of elderberry syrup!

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Hi! Is this program for local families only or if a family is not local and can pay the shipping costs, could they qualify?

Paula Bruckman

We’re a NICU family and have been using Elderberry syrup for our NICU kiddo (whose now 2 years old!!) as well as his 4 yr old brother. Our little man was not just a NICU baby, but had a congenital heart defect and other issues that made him more immuno-compromised. After he turned one, we started giving it to him regularly as well as his brother. While we can’t protect our kids from every little sickness, we can offer them a little boost with Elderberry. Thank you for this amazing program!!

Leah Nutini

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