Six years down, many more to go!

Six years down, many more to go!

By Megan Stump

Every year on my birthday, I make myself a strawberry box cake with funfetti icing and I proceed to eat it out of the pan with a fork after the rest of my family goes to bed. I think about the year and how thankful I am for another year on earth with the community of people around me that I love. To me, birthdays are an opportunity to reflect on the year and remember the good, the bad, how you grew, the memories made and the people that you spent that year with. 

As we celebrate our S I X T H  Y E A R of business birthday we are thinking about the past years and we wanted to do something a little different. As most of you have read in other posts, our incredible owner who started this all is currently out on maternity leave. She would have written a beautiful blog like she does every year, sharing our story and thanking you all for taking us on this journey. Our entire team knows we could not be here today without you all, our customers, and we do not take that for granted. 

Our team wanted to really spend some time this year thanking the person who started this all. We have mentioned and referenced our story many times over the years, but if you are new here, Jenny started this entire company in her kitchen. Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and do a rundown of how the last 6 years transpired! Jenny started out making Elderberry Syrup to keep her family healthy. She asked her friends and family if they were interested in a simple Facebook post, six years ago today, that quickly blew up!

They tried the syrup that you all know and love and of course, they loved it too! Just a few people trying this syrup turned into tons of people!
Before she knew it she was at the Farmers Market. Then she had to start renting space in a commercial kitchen and actually hire a small team to help her craft all the incoming orders!
In the fall of 2019, she opened up her very own store with her team!
Then Covid hit and people started seeing that our products were helping them stay healthy. So our orders came pouring in and she had to expand to the space next door!

We have hundreds of photos I could show you, but there’s not enough space in this blog. 

Jenny has been honest, humble, kind and generous through EVERY single step of the last 6 years. She has not taken her role as a leader and owner of this small business lightly. She has become such a good friend and mentor to me personally, not just in work but also in life. She is encouraging and is always there to cheer you on. When talking about her this week with the team, it was evident that this business means so much to our teammates that get to work here everyday. She has had a huge impact on all of us. A few of them had some super sweet things to say and I wanted to share! 

Lydia was one of Jenny’s babysitters who has been around the store for years but joined our team almost two years ago. She said “I love working at Elderberry for so many reasons! The girls who work here have become like family. We celebrate everything together and work hard.” 

Emily has been around since day one and actually helped Jenny make products in her kitchen when it all began! She said, “I'm thankful to have had a fun, generous boss like Jenny for 6 years. She wanted to create a great working environment and she succeeded in that! Being at Elderberry is a joyful experience for me and I actually look forward to coming to work!”

Kam is our newest team member who joined us over the summer. She said, “I just want to express how grateful I am to have stumbled upon her small business when I did. As a fresh college graduate, I had no idea what I wanted to do or what would be a good fit for me as I overcame the obstacle of starting over in a new place. Jenny and the team that she has assembled welcomed me from day one, and I am so thankful! I love the mission, I love our values, and I love working for her!”

Kerry is another team member who has been around since our Mesa days in the commercial Kitchen! She said, “I love working with this team of women! We work hard, have a lot of fun, and support each other through good times and bad. We care deeply about giving our best every day. At its core, this is what makes The Elderberry Co special.”

Valerie, who also joined our team this year said Jenny “Really embraced the small town community!” Jenny loves to be involved locally in events in downtown New Albany where our store is located. 

Lydia followed up to say, “Jenny has meant so much to me! A friend for many years! I would watch her kids while girls packed boxes in her garage. She would invite me over to try some syrup or gummies she was making in her kitchen. I’ve felt included from the beginning! When I asked about working at elderberry, I was welcomed with open arms. Jenny has allowed me to walk closely next to her in many stages of life (if you know you know). She works hard, and desires for us individually and the company to thrive. I'm thankful for the opportunity to work at a place like this.”

Nicole has worked Farmers Markets over the years and officially joined our team this past spring! She had some kind words “The first time I ever found out about the Elderberry, Co. and their syrup, I was blown away at the design, the simplicity, and the beauty of the product. Then we met Jenny. We saw her huge smile, and the love that she admits through her eyes. She has an amazing amount of confidence, in not only herself, her family, her business, but in everyone that she encounters. She’s a person that lifts you up, builds you up and put her whole heart into a simple conversation with you. It’s so evident that she believes in what her product does, and truly has a passion helping others. I feel very lucky to be able to work for her. Lucky that she not only took on me, but my family to help spread the word of Elderberry. I love that she gives back to her community and her employees in the biggest ways. Community and family and Faith are obviously so important to her. I am thankful that she puts strong values into her business. I acknowledge her for the hard work it took to begin this business The determination, it takes to continue to make the next best decision, and I look forward to seeing how this company continues to grow. “

To end this trip down memory lane, we want to say thank you. Thank you to our customers from our entire team for trusting us to help keep your family healthy. Thank you for supporting all of the products we come out with and cheering us on through every milestone. Thank you for sharing us with your friends and family and for sharing your stories with us. 

Thank you Jenny for assembling a fantastic team to make these products. Thank you for encouraging us and leading us through every season here at Elderberry. We miss you while you’re on maternity leave but we know you are getting some MUCH deserved and needed family time. 

We can’t wait to see where year 7 takes us!

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Jenny we are so proud of what you have accomplished through Elderberry Co.
I watched how you have worked so hard to provide a healthier life for our grandchildren then share what you have learned with your family and friends. Then watched what God intented from the beginning for your selfless ambition to make things better in this world. I thanks you for you loving Michael, Zadok, Quinn, and Silas so well.
Ladies of Elderberry Co. Thank you for caring of Jenny’s dream and for loving her like you do.
May God be praised for your faithfulness.

Danny Watson

Very proud of our daughter in law!! ( Michael too 😊)

Melissa Watson

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