Team. Community. Laughter. Fun. Honest. Real.

Team. Community. Laughter. Fun. Honest. Real.

Team. Community. Laughter. Fun. Honest. Real.

These are all words that you don’t always get to associate with work. Luckily for us at The Elderberry Co, this explains our girls to a T. Every Wednesday morning that we get to the kitchen we turn our music on, get that water boiling and catch up on our weeks. These girls feel like the family you didn’t know you needed. All the ladies quickly figured out their niches and a few of them have a couple. We also learned the things we are not good at and then laugh it off. (Sorry Tracy, you will never be allowed to date jars. We still love you.)

I got a late start joining this kitchen team, I worked a few times in January and then officially became the Operations Manager in February. I got to know most of these ladies really quickly. I want to take this time to talk about these ladies and tell you a little bit about who has been making your Elderberry Syrup every week.

Tracy : Jars are her jam and she cleans them quicker than anyone. I also personally can’t heat seal the jars to save my life. Tracy can do 10 in the time I can do 3.  She always has a story about a dog or a documentary. She keeps things fun but gets it done.

Ruth : No one boils water like my girl Ruth. Seriously, how she measures and maneuvers pots while keeping a conversation is beyond me. She is the best listener and seriously always has great advice.

Ruthie : Straining pots has its own Ruthie Ross method. Enough said. Ruthie is someone you can truly tell cares about people. She is such an encourager.

Emily : Emily is totally a jack of all trades. This girl can label, boil, make tea, kits, she has almost everything down in that kitchen. Her and I have recently discovered we both have the same love for boy bands. She is someone that makes you feel like you’ve been friends forever.

Amanda : Amanda strains those berries and lifts giant honey buckets with ease. Her enthusiastic personality is contagious. She also has the best laugh.

Katy : Katy has killer handwriting. You can find her labeling and dating jars for hours. She has a servants heart and she is always ready to jump in and help whenever needed.

Kerry : Kerry is a master at pouring perfect jars. She is always the last one there making sure everything is tidy before she leaves. One thing I have learned about Kerry that I didn’t know before is that she is so much funnier than she knows. She brings a perfect balance of life sass to the group.

Tonya : Tonya is a pro at making tea quick and perfect. She is quiet and focused when she is working and has such a sweet heart. She is always ready to help!

There are a few others that have worked once or twice that I didn’t get the chance to know since they were not in the kitchen every week. From every conversation I have had with Jenny, I know that every person that has helped in the kitchen has meant so much to her as she has grown her business. These ladies are all so amazing if you can’t tell! It has been so fun getting to know each and every one of them.

As we wrap up our time in the kitchen at Mesa, I know we will miss our Wednesdays together but we have created some amazing friendships. We are all Team Jenny and can not wait to see everything she does!

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