The Pantry Staple That Can Remedy Your Cough

The Pantry Staple That Can Remedy Your Cough

By Marley Wells

Few things can be quite as irritating– both physically and mentally– as a cough that won’t quit. We all know that one of the most important things for your body when you don’t feel well is rest, but who can rest with a cough? One thing you may not know though, is that one of the best cough remedies is likely hiding in your pantry right now. Next time you have a cough, make sure to reach for some RAW HONEY! That’s right… not only does raw (local) honey help those who suffer from allergies, but raw honey is also one of the most potent natural cough syrups you can find.

Don’t believe me? Don’t take my word for it. This 2014 study found that “Most prescribed and over-the-counter preparations for cough in children are not effective and might carry the risk of adverse events. A single dose of honey before bedtime was shown in recent studies to diminish cough and the discomfort experienced by children and their parents,” (Ran D. Goldman). Similarly, even the world-renowned Mayo Clinic advises that honey is an excellent (and oftentimes superior) alternative to over-the-counter cough syrups. 

So, what makes it work? First, honey is antimicrobial and antibacterial, killing any germs that could be responsible. Its thick texture forms a protective layer in the throat, working as a barrier against infection. Second, honey is anti-inflammatory, making it perfect for soothing a cough by relaxing the throat and reducing swelling. Simply take a spoonful of honey, straight from the spoon, to start feeling the relief. 

For some extra comfort, drink warm liquids in addition to taking regular doses of honey. Check out our Lemon Ginger Wellness Tea, the perfect option for soothing your throat while also incorporating the power of immune-boosting elderberries. 

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