The Tricks & Treats of taking Elderberry Syrup

The Tricks & Treats of taking Elderberry Syrup

Here at The Elderberry Co we say our syrup taste like Christmas. That clove taste makes us want to snuggle the softest blanket with a warm cup of coco while watching the every Christmas movie Netflix has to offer next to a dimly lit tree… OK so I can’t speak for the other ladies that work here at The Elderberry Co, but thats how it makes me feel. Before we get to Christmas, we have a couple Holidays in between. (I didn’t forget about you, you pumpkin and turkey lovers) Halloween is this week and we want to share the Tricks and Treats of getting your kids to take Elderberry.. Or for you to take Elderberry if the Christmas taste doesn’t float your boat. 

One of my favorite things about working at the Elderberry Co is getting to see all the customers who have never tried it and are shocked that it “actually taste good?!” It excites us too!

If you watched a recent Facebook video of ours, clearly you can see how happy it made us that when we moved into our new facility the taste actually seemed to improve with our new brewing methods. Along with the people who love it, we have a few clove haters who are not the biggest fans. Don’t worry, you won’t hurt our feelings! We just want you to be healthy. So if that means we needed to compile a list of ways to hide the taste of Elderberry so that you can take it, then we will!

Elderberry syrup is incredibly good for adults but its health benefits for kids are great too! Kids can be reckless and know no bounds. Things go in their mouth, they share snacks, sippy cups, toys, you name it. Germs are so easily passed at a young age, ESPECIALLY if your kiddos in school. Bless schools and daycares, but man are they a breeding ground for germs. Giving your kid something to help boost their immune system when they are around other kids all day will help them tremendously!

Here is a list of ways to mask the taste of Elderberry syrup. These are tricks that either we have tried or that our customers have said they have tried!







Freeze in fun ice trays

Mix with Waffle syrup


You could also try these tricks!

“I’ve got this special juice that you only get once a day!”

Think about yourself, if someone told you that you could only have something once a day, it makes you want it a tad more. Especially kids. They ALWAYS want what they can’t have!

“If you help me clean your room you can have some Elderberry Syrup!” 

Make it a reward! Kids love to win something. Why not make the win healthy? 

Use a special small cup just for their syrup.

Take the syrup together with them!

‘Cheers’ your cups as you take it!

9X’s outta 10 if you make it fun, they will jump on board. If they don’t you can always resort to using the tricks above to hide the taste!

Now for the treat!

The treat of taking Elderberry syrup is that you and your family are putting things in your body to help support your immune system. Elderberries have many different ways that they can help you. 

Your family not attending extra doctor visits is enough of a treat but the fact that it can help with the things you struggle with season to season is the reason we do what we do. Like we said, we want you and your family to be healthy so we’ve got a pretty big treat to let you in on. 

Today through November 8th we are having a Buy 2 jars get 2 free sale. Yeah.. I actually said that. You can buy two jars of any size and get 2 jars of equal or lesser value free. It’s our Birthday and we want to celebrate in a big way! You can get this deal online or in our store located in downtown New Albany! Have a happy Halloween from our Elderberry family to yours!

(For the sale, just add 4 jars to your cart and the sale is automatically applied!)

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Where do your organic Elderberries come from? Do you home grow your ingredients?

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