Three Things That Make Our Elderberry Syrup Special

Three Things That Make Our Elderberry Syrup Special

Blog Written By: Marley Wells
As summer winds down and we get nearer and nearer to the coziness of fall – pumpkin patches, fall festivals, crisp mornings – my heart swells in excitement. It then, however, promptly shrinks back as I remember that also means we get closer and closer to the common seasonal threats, like sniffles and congestion. Is it possible to still be excited for all that fall brings, knowing that it could also make me feel below the weather? In order to give my immune system the extra support it needs so that I can stay healthy and enjoy all my favorite autumnal activities, I make sure to take a dose of our immune-boosting Elderberry Syrup each and every day. But how is our syrup any different than what you would just run and pick up at your local grocery store? 

  1. Our Elderberry Syrup is made fresh every single week in our kitchen. This handcrafted, small-batch style of syrup brewing allows us maximum control over the ingredients, freshness, and quality of our syrup. Every bottle that leaves our kitchen has been handled by at least one of our team members, ensuring that your jar of syrup meets our standards. So, not only will you feel the difference, but you will certainly taste the difference too!
  2. Our Elderberry Syrup has neither the additives nor preservatives commonly found in your average elderberry syrup. This is why our 30-60 day shelf life is shorter than many other syrups with a 1+ year shelf life. We at The Elderberry Co want your syrup to be as clean and fresh as possible. Similarly, while most elderberry syrups are sweetened using refined sugar (which actually suppresses the immune system), our syrup is sweetened with raw honey local to the Ohio River Valley.
  3. Our Elderberry Syrup has a strength of 800mg per tablespoon, while most store-bought syrups have a potency well below that. So, you can keep your family healthy while using less product for the same effect; more bang for your buck!

So, get ahead of the cold months this year and boost your family’s immune systems by starting your own Elderberry Co Elderberry Syrup regimen! If our Elderberry Syrup has positively impacted your family, we want to hear about it! Comment below and share your story!

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This is so great to hear that he started to feel better so quickly! We’re very happy we can be a part of helping someone keep healthy and feel their best. Thank you for sharing his testimony in that and being such a wonderful supporter.

Alexandra - Customer Care

Well, it’s started already. My son who is a teacher has come down with upper respiratory symptoms. (There was something going around school already). I asked back in July if he wanted to start taking Elderberry again as he started school in early August. No he said, it’s ok, I’ll wait til fall. Well around the end of August I got a call that he was home and congested and coughing, and could I please deliver syrup. I buy the kits, usually 3 at a time and I always have some in the freezer made for my son and daughter families. I delivered 2 jars told him to take up to 3 tablespoons right away until he started feeling better, then 1 tablespoon every day after that and within a few days he said he was feeling much better. All I can tell you is that this syrup works for my family. I have a compromised immune system and I take 2 tablespoons every day. Thank you, Jenny and staff for coming up with and making a product that is not filled with sugar and preservatives and something I actually feel good about taking because I think this is a great product.

Hillary Lilly

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