Three Ways to Incorporate Elderberry Syrup Into Your Lifestyle

Three Ways to Incorporate Elderberry Syrup Into Your Lifestyle

Written By: Marley Wells

  1. To stay healthy all year long – one tablespoon of our Elderberry syrup daily will help to boost your immune system overall. An easy way to work your dose into your day is through something called “habit stacking.” What this means is that you simply stack a new habit on top of an existing habit in order to make it easier to remember. For example, if you already have a habit of starting a pot of coffee every morning, take your tablespoon of Elderberry Syrup right after starting it. Before you know it, it will be second nature.
  2. When you need a little extra immune support – have you been exposed to an illness, or maybe feel that early tickle in your throat and wanna be proactive? Three tablespoons per day of our Elderberry Syrup will give your immune system that extra kick to ensure you are staying healthy. As soon as you start to feel the threats of the season, stack in a double dose to your pre-existing habits.
  3. For seasonal support during pollen season – if you suffer from allergies, our Elderberry Syrup uses raw honey local to the Ohio River Valley. So, getting that dose of pollen via the honey can help your immune system acclimate to local allergens! Even if you live outside of the Ohio River Valley, you can still purchase our Elderberry Syrup Kit and add honey local to your area for the same benefit! For this, one of my favorite ways to utilize our Syrup is by throwing it in a smoothie!


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Hey Janet!
So there is already honey in your pre-made syrup we make right here in the shop. Each jar has 75% elderberry and 25% raw local honey. That is completely up to you if you want to add more of your own honey!

Customer Service- Alexandra

Can I add a cup of local honey in the elderberry syrup that I’ve purchased, instead of buying the syrup kit? This is my 1st purchase with you and would like to keep it simple if possible.

Janet Hagen

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