Top 10 questions our Customer Service Reps get asked

Top 10 questions our Customer Service Reps get asked

Customer service team here!

Getting to work as the customer service representatives is seriously such a fun job. We sincerely are so blessed to get to talk to all of you and hear about how we are able to help in any way possible. We find joy in meeting our customers right where they are and explaining any and everything we can with a clear sense of communication. Communication is huge to us. That’s how many of us work best, knowing the things we need to know before committing ourselves to something.

A ton of you are returning customers, and we are so thankful that you let us help be your support when it comes to keeping your family healthy! We wanted to step into some of these questions and answer them for those of you who are new or are needing a little refresher. Here are some common questions we can answer for you now that we get asked often.

1. Can you use this as a syrup on pancakes/waffles?
No, our Elderberry Syrup is not thick like maple syrup. We do not use any preservatives or glucose; therefore, our syrup is a juice-like consistency. If you were to put it on your pancakes, it would make them a bit soggy and not give your pancakes the ooey gooey sugary syrup consistency we all love! Instead, most of our customers will take their daily serving of elderberry syrup in one of our shot glasses.

2. How do you keep your syrup cold during shipment?
We don’t ship our syrup cold. We take great care in packing each jar, and we ship them at room temperature. We test our batches to ensure they are safe out of the fridge during the 6-7 days of transit. We do recommend getting it in the fridge when it arrives to ensure the longest shelf life.

3. Do you use a canning process?
We don’t use a canning process because we want to keep our honey raw (awesome health benefits from raw honey). We have a lidding machine that screws the lids on tightly, followed by a heat seal band around the top of the jar to ensure it hasn’t been tampered with.

4. Is your honey local?
Our honey is local to the Southern Indiana/Ohio valley area and located about 15 minutes from our shop.

5. Do you have any sugar free products?
Yes! Our Elderberry Syrup Kits are a great way to make a sugar free version of our Elderberry Syrup. Instead of adding honey to your kit, you can add an alternative sweetener or omit the sugar altogether.

6. What if I take too much Elderberry?
The only adverse effect of taking too much Elderberry Syrup is it could take on a mild laxative (think prune juice). Other than that, our syrup is simply a natural blend of berries, spices and honey so feel free to take more or less than our recommended serving size!

7. What do I do with your syrup?
Take one tablespoon (for adults) as a daily immune booster for overall health or you can add it to other recipes to enhance it both with taste and health! We have many customers who add their daily dose to their water, tea, or even coffee!

8. New vs. old gummies, why are they different?
When we first launched our gummies, we quickly learned that because of the extremely high vitamin C content, direct sunlight turned them BRIGHT blue. In order to keep them from turning blue, we needed to either switch to artificial colorants or lower our Vitamin C content. We HATE artificial colorants so we decided to lower the Vitamin C content slightly (it is still much higher than the recommended daily dose). In addition to the change in Vitamin C, we also listened to customer feedback and lowered our sugar content from 3.5g to 1g per gummy. 

9. Is your Wellness tea just as beneficial as your Elderberry Syrup?
Our Wellness tea is a customer favorite! While it has the benefit of elderberries, it is not as concentrated as our syrup. One tablespoon of our syrup would equal out (health benefit wise) to about 3 cups of our tea.

10. How else can you sweeten the kit?
While you can buy our raw honey separately, we have some customers who sweeten it with Stevia, Splenda or other sweeteners. 

Please let us know if you have any other questions as we are ready to answer them! Thank you for letting us serve you as we grow as a small business.

Written by Alex Dean & Kimberly Pavan

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Hi Valmora!
Our gummies have beet sugar and sucrose in them!

Alexandra- Customer Service

Do you use Stevia as the only sweeter in the gummies? I have a reaction to Splenda and just needed to know for furture use. Thank you.


Hey Nonie!
We are so happy you got a sale on the syrup. Thank you for your continued support, we appreciate your kindness!

Alexandra- Customer Service

Thank you Jenny! Just got my 16 Oz. of Elderberry Syrup 40 percent off! So happy! Keep up the good work! 👍🏻😁

Nonie Cheramie

We are so glad to hear that Geraldine! It’s a blessing to hear stories such as this. Stay well and know we are so thankful for you.

Kimberly- Customer Care Team

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