We love our NICU families!

We love our NICU families!

Are you a family who has had experience in the NICU? Whether you have or you have walked alongside a family in the NICU, you know that it can be a scary place to be, especially during months where sickness and germs are spreading easily. You desperately need to keep your friends and family healthy as you care for your little one, even in the days after you come home. For the past couple years, we have offered our Elderberry Syrup free to NICU families, as a simple way to support them during a difficult season. We have countless stories from our NICU customers about the courage, strength and miracles their families have experienced. It’s a blessing to hear the stories and to be a small part of it!

We are excited to announce that we are relaunching our NICU Family Program! This is a way that NICU families can receive our products FREE in the first year of their baby’s life. Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Email us at info@theelderberryco.com with the subject “NICU Family Program”. In the email, tell us a little about your story, including your first name, last name, email, phone number and the date your baby was born.
  2. We will send you a gift card for $100 to use throughout the first year of your baby’s life on any of our products in store or online at theelderberryco.com. You can choose from our best selling Elderberry Syrup, Elderberry Gummies, Wellness Tea and more! These products aren’t for baby, but can be used by your immediate family and friends to keep them healthy for lots of baby snuggles. 

Community is so important when you are going through a difficult season and while we may not be in your inner circles to walk with you through your NICU experience, we are blessed to be able to support you through Elderberry Syrup! The peace of mind it gives me as a mom in keeping my family healthy is why I started this small business and why we have our NICU Family Program. We hope it blesses you and your family!

Please share our NICU Family Program with anyone you know who could benefit from it! If you have any questions, please email us at info@theelderberryco.com.

Merry Christmas from The Elderberry Co Team!

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Hi Kathy,
Thanks for mentioning that. We love looking into new opportunities, so it helps to hear some thoughts on how to love and serve others.

Kimberly- Customer Care Team

Have you thought about sending your offer to NICU Social Workers in the hospitals that have NICU units? We learned a lot of useful information from them when my son and grandsons were in the NICU.


Thank you for the kind words! People help people, that’s what it’s all about.

Alexandra- Customer Service

I think it is absolutely wonderful what you and your company is doing to help others. You are such a blessing to so many!

Barb Haymond

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