What I think about 2020

What I think about 2020

We’ve got just a little over 30 days left in 2020...WHAT. A. YEAR. I’ll be honest, as crappy as 2020 has been for most of us, it’s been a pretty incredible year for me (you may want to punch me for saying that). But it’s true! Here are some recaps (good, bad, ugly) of how my 2020 went:

  • This year my business has grown beyond my wildest imagination. I’ve faced some hard leadership decisions but have come out on the other end stronger and wiser. 
  • Our team grew from 9 people to 20. Growing that fast brought some challenges, but I am CONVINCED we have the absolute best people on our team. They work hard and value each other. It’s an awesome place to work.
  • This summer was a pretty significant awakening for my husband and I on the racial issues in our country. I’m still learning and listening on this journey toward racial reconciliation, as I know many of you are too.
  • During the spring quarantine, my kids became BEST FRIENDS.
  • Despite the quarantining, we were still able to get our vacations in and make some great family memories.
  • I chose to homeschool my kids and while everyone (myself included) thought I was a little crazy, I have loved it so much. 
  • My husband stepped down from his job to support me in my business journey, and while it’s only been a few weeks of this new normal, we can feel the peace it has brought our whole family. 
  • I developed a brand new product: Elderberry Gummies! And the launch day of these gummies brought our highest sales volume EVER! Developing a product is WAY more complicated than I ever knew. It was not an easy process but so energizing and fun along the way.
  • I started to work out early in the mornings 3x weekly. When I’m working out regularly, I am WAY happier and I think more clearly.

I am deeply saddened how Covid has impacted our economy and so many small businesses. It feels odd to be thriving in such a difficult season for most people and I know I have a responsibility to pay it forward however I can and share kindness with those around me. Here’s a few of my FAVORITE small businesses and they can ship their goodies to you wherever you live! I know these small business owners personally and absolutely love everything about them and their amazing businesses!

For the guys in your life: Him Gentleman’s Boutique - www.himgb.com
For the girls in your life: Kozy Candles - www.kozykandles.com

Here’s to the end of 2020 and an amazing (fingers crossed) 2021. Take some time today to show kindness to people around you. We need it :-)

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Hey Yolanda!
Thank you for your kind words, we truly appreciate your support!

Customer Service- Alexandra

This was a wonderful blog. You have a great product love ur elderberry syrup !discovered it during the lock down in March been using it regulurly. Thanks for what you do


Hi Jim!
We are so happy you enjoy our products and the gummies are part of your everyday ritual! Thank you for being a great supporter of our local business.

Customer Service- Alexandra

Hey Bonnie!
Thank you so much for your kind words! We truly appreciate your support.
We are so happy you enjoy the gummies as well!

Customer Service- Alexandra

Enjoyed the article. You have an amazing product(s) My grand children and I take the gummies every day. Appreciate the prompt
Professional service.
Richardson’s in Seymour, IN

Jim Richardson

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