What Makes Dads So Special: Presence, Not Perfection

What Makes Dads So Special: Presence, Not Perfection

I have the BEST dad in the world.

Isn’t that what every dad wants to hear from their kids? I can just see my dad reading this blog with a huge smile on his face and peace in his heart hearing from his daughter how much I love him and appreciate the way he has raised me. If you’re a dad reading this, I hope in some form or fashion, you get that feedback from your kids. They may not come right out and say it, but I hope you can pick up bits and pieces from the interaction and connection you foster along your fatherhood journey. 

The good news for you today is that being the BEST dad doesn’t require perfection, but it does require presence. It requires YOUR presence, consistently (relentlessly in some seasons) being in the moment with your kids. Your kids won’t remember most of what you teach them, but they will remember how you made them feel. They will remember the tone you speak to them with, the way you listen to them, the way you include (or exclude) them from shared activities and hobbies. They will remember the way you handle the difficult moments of needed discipline, course correcting and training when they have strayed off the path you desire for them. They will remember how you made them FEEL. Let me give an example.

I grew up playing travel softball. Every summer, my team would play close to 100 games in just a few months. We would travel every weekend and spend from sun up to sun down playing games. My dad kept the stats and was always there next to the dugout with his feet up on the fence. He would help out with soft toss and always made sure to make every team member laugh by singing some song he heard on the radio that week. As a teenage girl, I was horrified, but kind of loved it at the same time (I’ve got that same goofiness in me). These were some of the most significant memories I have with my dad growing up. I’m sure there were many other moments I had with my dad growing up considering we lived in the same house and saw each other every day, but the only ones that stick out are the ones where he was fully present in the moment with me. He wasn’t perfect, but he was present and that made all the difference.

So this Father’s Day, I hope you can tell the dads in your life how much their presence in your life means to you. If you’re a dad reading this, I hope you can truly spend today and every day moving forward, being present with your kids, even if just for a few minutes. You are making a HUGE impact and we are so thankful for your work in leading and loving your families.

Happy Father’s Day!

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