What Makes Our Syrup Stay On Top

What Makes Our Syrup Stay On Top

By Marley Wells

As our business has grown thanks to the support of our beloved customers, our product line has notably expanded. While we started with just our classic Elderberry Syrup and one single Wellness Tea, we now have a full Wellness Tea line, multiple gummy formulations, skincare, and more. Amidst the stream of new product launches, there's been a constant: our Elderberry Syrup retains its position as our unrivaled bestseller. While other items might vie for second place – a nod to the Elderberry Immunity Gummies – there's no mistaking the steadfast loyalty of our customers to our Elderberry Syrup. And really, who could fault them? It's the Elderberry Syrup that originally brought us recognition, and for entirely valid reasons. Hence, the question arises: What's the secret behind the enduring reign of our Elderberry Syrup over the years?

  1. Our Elderberry Syrup is made fresh every single week in our kitchen. This handcrafted, small-batch style of syrup brewing allows us maximum control over the ingredients, freshness, and quality of our syrup. With only six natural ingredients, not only will you feel the difference in your health, but you will certainly taste the difference too! Additionally, every bottle that leaves our kitchen has been handled by at least five of our team members. Five sets of eyes helps to ensure that your jar of syrup meets our standards.
  2. Our Elderberry Syrup has neither the additives nor preservatives commonly found in your average elderberry syrup. This is why our 60-day shelf life is shorter than many other syrups with a 1+ year shelf life. We at The Elderberry Co want your syrup to be as clean and fresh as possible. Similarly, while most elderberry syrups are sweetened using refined sugar or glucose syrup (which actually suppresses the immune system), our syrup is sweetened only with raw honey local to our area in the Ohio River Valley.
  3. Our Elderberry Syrup has a strength of 800mg per tablespoon, while most store-bought syrups have a potency well below that. So, you can keep your family healthy while using less product for the same effect; more bang for your buck!

Don’t want to take our word for it? No problem. Just head over to our website and read our reviews. See for yourself why our Elderberry Syrup has 4.9 stars based on over two thousand reviews!

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