When Your Business has a Birthday…

When Your Business has a Birthday…

All my life, the month of November has usually been a pretty uneventful month. No birthdays or big events, just Thanksgiving and the anticipation of Christmas. But that all changed when, on November 8, 2017, I posted on Facebook and that one post changed my life. Now, every November, my family and my team celebrate all that God has blessed us with through a small business called The Elderberry Co...that all started with a simple Facebook post.

The story of The Elderberry Co. is nothing short of God’s grace and provision, a beautiful journey of how a small idea founded in kindness has grown into a nation-wide movement empowering families toward healthy lifestyles. You see, on November 8, 2017, I simply asked on Facebook, “Making a batch of elderberry syrup. It is how our family stays healthy, especially through the winter months! Message me if you would like to try a sample!” I wanted to share with my friends and family a solution that I had found to keep my family healthy. From that post, I had a handful of friends who asked for samples. And from there, it slowly gained popularity in my community and I started selling jars out of my home kitchen. 

In 2018, I had grown big enough that I needed a bigger kitchen, and I wanted to increase my influence to more than just my local community so I made a BIG move into a commercial kitchen and got certified to sell online (which is where most of you know me from!).

Selling online was CRAZY successful. I needed more hands to help so I started hiring help. And I just have to say, our small team here at The Elderberry Co. is full of the hardest-working and best people in the world. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate working alongside each of them.

Since our online launch in 2018, we have continued to grow and our customer base reaches all 50 states! There are so many stories I could share about my journey: the balance of motherhood with business owning, learning all the FDA regulations, managing and leading a team. It has been a wild ride! But regardless of all of the bad days, this journey has given my family and me so much joy and fulfillment. The idea that I’ve been able to help empower families across the country with a solution to keep their families healthy is an absolute DREAM. Thank you for coming alongside us and our small business! We hope you can celebrate with us this month as we celebrate FOUR years of this beautiful small business!

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Dave Chell

I love your story! I heard about your gummies from an Instagram friend and tried them because I love taking elderberry syrup, and I’m vegan and haven’t seen vegan elderberry gummies before. I love them! Such an easy way to take elderberries. I love supporting businesses like yours rather than a big corporation. Your story is beautiful. God bless you with many more successful years. 💜

Gail Lloyd

Thank you for sharing your marvelous products. I have written a couple of reviews about how this has helped my family and I have referred your company to many family members and friends. Who knew that something so simple could be so powerful. Thank you again. Best wishes for continued success and stay safe.

Hillary Lilly

How wonderful….we know the struggles and reward! May your business continue to be blessed with success!

John & Emily McCoy

Happy Happy Birthday The Elderberry Company! We love what you are doing to help keep us all healthy! God bless you with continued success and good health! 💜🎂💜

Nonie Cheramie

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