Wholesale Highlight: Meet CannaRaised

Wholesale Highlight: Meet CannaRaised

What is the background for your business? What inspired you to open your business, and what is your mission? 

CannaRaised Jeffersonville is the third location in our family-owned and operated network of stores. CannaRaised was founded by Jordan's aunt and uncle, Margo and Fred Battenberg. Fred retired from the United States Army after 21 years of service. Following his retirement, he experienced chronic pain and degenerative disc disease. A failed back surgery led them to explore more natural alternatives and they discovered CBD and hemp-derived products. Since that time, they've developed more than 100 products to improve the quality of life for our customers. Our products are thoughtfully curated with quality ingredients for pain relief, sleep support, energy and focus, weight loss, anxiety, and much more. As the hemp industry grows, our products have continued to improve in formula and efficacy. With regard to our own personal journey, Jordan served in full-time church ministry for over a decade. Kenzie is a licensed clinical social worker. In both of our professions, we met so many people who struggled with mental health and physical pain. Jordan also experienced significant anxiety and took prescribed medication for many years. He became overwhelmed with the side effects of his medication and the ever-increasing dosage that numbed his human experience. He desired a more natural alternative to manage his anxiety. With his aunt's guidance, he began using CBD products. Along with therapy, he found incredible relief from his anxiety symptoms and he is no longer taking medication. We believe in these products because we use them ourselves and it is such a privilege to help people discover plant-based health and happiness! We were presented with an opportunity to open our own store in Jeffersonville and we are so glad that we did! We've been open six months now and we've seen so many people find incredible results by harnessing the power of plants. We offer a wide selection of premium CBD oils, topicals, edibles, beverages, and other wellness products. We also carry non-CBD products such as functional mushrooms and immune support.  Our products are thoughtfully curated using the power of plants to address needs related to sleep, pain, anxiety, stress, and beauty. We even offer a line of products formulated for pets. We are committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all customers. Our knowledgeable staff is always available to answer any questions you might have—whether you're an experienced cannabis consumer or “canna-curious.” The hemp industry as a whole has grown and improved over the past several years to offer improved efficacy at affordable prices. Visit us today or shop online at www.cannaraised.com to experience the benefits of high-quality, affordable CBD and discover plant-based health and happiness!

What products do you purchase from us? What made you choose these products? 

We've purchased Elderberry Immunity Gummies, Wellness Teas, raw local honey, soap bars, Collagen + Biotin Gummies, and the new Face Oil. We love offering elderberry products to our customers, in addition to the mushroom and hemp-derived products that we already offer. There are so many incredible health and wellness benefits found in plants and partnering with The Elderberry Co. allows us to further expand product offerings AND support another local business.

How did you find us? What made you choose to give us a try? 

Jordan served on staff at Northside Christian Church with [Jenny’s sister] many years ago and became acquainted with Jenny Watson through [her]. Many of our friends from Northside have posted on social media supporting Jenny's business. When we opened our store, we knew that we wanted to partner with The Elderberry Co. to provide additional wellness products to customers in the Jeffersonville community. We have a great deal of respect for Jenny as a business owner and we appreciate the transparency and genuine mission of The Elderberry Co. to empower families to wellness through plant-based products.

How have our products helped your customers? 

Many of our customers are loving the immune support products such as the Elderberry Immunity Gummies and Wellness Teas. We've also sampled the Magnesium Balm and we are really excited to offer that to customers soon for natural sleep support and stress relief.

Why do you continue to purchase from us? 

We believe in the power of plant-based products. The employees at The Elderberry Co. are lovely to work with and we appreciate the opportunity to partner with other local businesses to offer quality wellness products to customers in Southern Indiana.

What are some lessons that you have learned through owning your business? 

We could write a full essay on this! We are learning that humility and adaptability are essential to owning a business. We're learning to celebrate our victories (no matter how small) and to learn from our failures. We've learned to keep our family and "why" at the front of our minds when things get tough, which they do! We've learned that owning a business allows us the flexibility to build a life that we love for our young children, Judah and Abigail. We've learned to acknowledge our own shortcomings as new business owners and to listen closely to the wisdom and advice of other leaders and professionals in our industry. Lastly, we've learned that our community is incredibly diverse and that every customer has a story that is beautiful and worthy of our time and energy.

What do you want people to know about your business, and what do you want people to know about your relationship with The Elderberry Co.? 

We want people to know that we are committed to helping our customers find plant-based health and happiness. No matter your motivations, reservations, or experience with cannabis, we would be privileged to answer your questions and to help guide you to the right product. We are thankful that the stigma around cannabis has softened in recent years and customers are willing to consider the benefits of the hemp plant. There are a lot of businesses who sell hemp products, including CBD and Delta 8/9/10 THC. Over the past couple of years, it seems that hemp products have appeared in every gas station and smoke shop in town. Because hemp-derived products are not yet regulated by the FDA, there is a huge responsibility on the consumer to buy from businesses who are knowledgeable and reputable. All of our products are made from the best ingredients and are third-party tested for quality and purity. Our hemp products are 2018 Farm Bill compliant and thoughtfully curated using the power of plants. We care deeply about our customers and we've opened our store with you and your family in mind! We value our partnership with The Elderberry Co. and resonate strongly with their mission to empower families to wellness; we are glad to offer their products in our store!

Are you interested in becoming a wholesale partner of The Elderberry Co., or are you an existing wholesaler looking for some bonus savings? Use code WHOLESALE today to get an extra 10% off of your order order, for up to a total of 60% savings on most products!
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Thank you for highlighting Canna Raised. I had not heard of them. I will look into the company.

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