Wholesale Highlight: Meet Smith Farm 1914

Wholesale Highlight: Meet Smith Farm 1914

By Marley Wells

Since we at The Elderberry Co released our line of all-natural soaps, dipping our toes into the world of skincare, we have been eager to provide the next step in your clean skincare routine. Enter our newest products: Tallow and Magnesium Balm. Our beloved customers immediately met both with such joy and excitement, and who can blame them? These products are not only free from petroleum based ingredients, artificial colors, ingredients or fragrances, chemicals, and GMO’s– but they are also packed with vitamins, amino acids, and antimicrobial properties (all of which are essential for good skin health)! If you are looking to naturally nourish your skin for a deeper hydration and healing, then look no further. 

This month, Sarah Smith of Smith Farm 1914 began wholesaling our Elderberry Co products for her own business, and we quickly fell in love with her brand– both products and values. As such, we wanted to highlight the woman behind the skincare who helped make this next step possible for us!

Sarah and our owner, Jenny, had very similar beginnings in their businesses; both businesses began as somewhat of an accident. Sarah challenged herself to not buy bread for a year for the sake of living a healthier life by sourcing her own food. After a year, Sarah posted that she was on day 365 of making bread rather than buying bread. The post then went viral, launching her into her current business of helping and teaching those who are interested in homesteading, leading a clean and natural lifestyle through her products. Elderberry Co customers, meet Sarah Smith:

What products do you purchase from us? What made you choose these products?

We buy the Elderberry Syrup Kit. I love the flexibility that it brings to my customers, allowing them to make the syrup on their own time. We also do the Collagen + Biotin gummies! I am a hairstylist as well, so this is a great option not only for our online business, but I can bring it to the salon to sell.

How did you find us? What made you choose to give us a try?

I found you guys through a mutual friend who works for the company! She mentioned Jenny as a person who had a similar start with a business in her home that has only grown, and so she connected us!

How have our products helped your customers?

Elderberry syrup is essential for the immune system in my opinion. It’s also known to help rheumatism and respiratory health, so the syrup is helping people more than they know!

What are some of your favorite benefits that our products offer?

The Collagen + Biotin Gummies have helped my hair grow so much! We also use your Herbal Sleep Well Gummies and the Elderberry Immunity Gummies in our house. They are all fantastic. 

What do you want people to know about The Elderberry Co?

I would love everyone to know that this company loves Jesus, and that’s something I WANT to support. Jesus is the foundation and the backbone of our company, so finding another business that truly has a heart for Jesus is something worth supporting and mentioning. Thank you Elderberry Co. for this friendship in business and Jesus!

We are so enthralled to be working with Sarah, and we know you all will be too– you already have jumped on the Tallow and Magnesium Balm! To learn more about Sarah and her farm, check out her business at https://smithfarm1914.com/

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I have been using the elderberry syrup for well over one year. I too love Jesus and am grateful for companies that stand in his truth and have a desire to be healthy and help others to do the same! He has given us all we need in nature to be well! Blessings in your journey!

Debbie Jones

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