Why Elderberry Syrup Worked For Me

Why Elderberry Syrup Worked For Me

By Marley Wells

I could sit here and rave and rave about the power of elderberry–more particularly, our Elderberry Syrup. I could boast about how elderberry strength helps not just your immune system, keeping you and your family happy and healthy, but how it also supports digestive health, joint health, and respiratory health. Of course, you’d just say I’m biased! So, don’t take my word for it–listen to these loyal Elderberry syrup believers!

“I have been a subscription customer of The Elderberry Co. for some time now. I absolutely love the Elderberry Syrup and look forward to receiving it each month. The taste is phenomenal! The gummies are also great for use when you are away - makes it very easy not to have to skip any days. Since I have been taking your elderberry syrup, I can honestly say I have never been healthier! I swear by this product!” - Donna F.

“Elderberry syrup from The Elderberry Co. has made it possible for me to be allergy-free. After suffering from allergies and chronic ear infections for years, Elderberry Syrup turned that around. All allergy medications, including shots, are gone. I am thankful to Dawne Gee of WAVE3 for talking about this product 2 years ago on her newscast. I take the syrup daily, it’s the best, and it tastes like Christmas!” - Cynthia B.

“This syrup is wonderful. It has kept our whole family healthy and happy since 2019. We used to be sick all the time. When I saw the advertisement on Facebook and all of the benefits this syrup had to offer, we had to get it. And now we are feeling so good! It truly is a miracle in a jar. Thank you Elderberry Co. Our family is so thankful for all of you!” - Jamie H.

At The Elderberry Co., we exist to empower families with a natural and effective way to support their immune systems. We want to help families, such as the ones above, take control of their health. As such, we are so grateful for our customers who sing their praises to the power of immune-boosting Elderberry Syrup. It not only lets us know that we are helping families in a tangible way, but it also encourages others who may be curious about the power of elderberry to take that next step and try it out. 

So… what are you waiting for?! Try out our fresh, handcrafted, small-batch Elderberry Syrup here!
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Hi Tonya, So awesome to hear! Enjoy!

Kimberly- Customer Care Team

I just received my first order of the elderberry syrup & it’s delicious.

Tonya McCabe

Thank you for your support and we are so happy you enjoy those products!

Customer Service- Alexandra

I couldn’t agree more. I have been using the syrup for a few years now. I used to make my own with the kit, but you know…. I also purchase the gummies for travel so I don’t miss a day. Love this small business!

Lori M

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