Why OTC Elderberry Syrup Just Doesn’t Cut It

Why OTC Elderberry Syrup Just Doesn’t Cut It

By Marley Archibald

During the cold and flu season, it is safe to say that anything that supports the immune system is flying off the shelves. The seasonal threats of the year are full-force, and everybody is looking for a solution to keep their families healthy. This leads us to a common question from curious customers: "Why should I choose your elderberry syrup over an OTC syrup from the grocery store?" Now, while I could delve into the perks of supporting a small business, let's zero in on what sets our Elderberry Syrup apart and why you can trust it to be the ultimate immune-boosting product you need this winter:

  1. Our Elderberry Syrup is made fresh every single week in our kitchen. In fact, during the winter months we are often making two batches a day every day! This handcrafted, small-batch style of syrup brewing allows us maximum control over the ingredients, freshness, and quality of our syrup. Every single jar that is shipped out of our kitchen has been handled by at least three of our team members, ensuring that your jar of syrup meets our quality control standards.
  2. Our Elderberry Syrup has neither the additives nor preservatives commonly found in your average elderberry syrup. This is why our approximately 60 day shelf life is shorter than many other syrups with a 1+ year shelf life. We at The Elderberry Co want your syrup to be as clean and fresh as possible. If that shelf life sounds short to you, don’t worry– even our largest 32oz jar contains about 60 adult servings, so the vast majority of our customers are through their jars well before the best by date!
  3. Our Elderberry Syrup is not pasteurized. While most elderberry syrups are sweetened using refined sugar (which actually suppresses the immune system), our syrup is sweetened with raw honey local to the Ohio River Valley. Why do we keep our honey raw? To preserve the amazing health benefits of raw honey enzymes, our Elderberry Syrup does not undergo a traditional canning process. Rather, we use a lidding machine to tightly secure the lids followed by a heat seal band so that you know your jar has not been tampered with.
  4. Our Elderberry Syrup contains both elderberries and aronia berries. While elderberries are already high in antioxidants, aronia berries are even higher in antioxidants, as well as containing higher amounts of essential minerals such as potassium, iron, zinc, and magnesium. In addition, aronia berries have been shown to have properties that support cardiovascular health, reduce risk of cancer, and fight inflammation in the body. So, why stop at elderberries? We want our customers to get the biggest immune-boosting bang for their buck, which is why we pack our syrup full of nourishing ingredients!

So, when you are trying to stay well this winter, be assured that you are supporting your body with the highest-quality ingredients possible by using The Elderberry Co. Elderberry Syrup.

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Hey there Cristi! We don’t use an actual canning process on our Elderberry Syrup jars because we want to keep our honey raw (there are some wonderful health benefits from raw honey). We have a lidding machine that places the lids on automatically, followed by a heat seal band around the top of the jar to ensure it hasn’t been tampered with. So, since the jars are not actually canned, the lids are not sealed— the popped center is not an issue and it is perfectly safe to take the syrup! If you have any additional questions/concerns, please feel free to let us know. We are always here and happy to help!


Thanks Marley! Aside from our love to support local small business, the products are top notch! Our family of 4 has been using Elderberry Co products since 2020 and we have seen great results. My wife and I take the syrup and the kids love the gummies. Thank you and your team for keeping us healthy year round!

Tyson Hess

I finally put my first order and was excited to try elderberry company syrup after we run out of what we are using.. but then when I receive my order the lid wasn’t sealed. I’m not sure if it pop during transit..


Love your Elderberry Syrup and other products and wouldn’t use any other!

Donna Ferenzi

Couldn’t agree more! Best syrup indeed.

Jenn F

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