Why Your Reviews Matter

Why Your Reviews Matter

By Marley Wells

Before I started working at The Elderberry Co. I was the type of person to only leave reviews if I had a miserable experience– as many of us are. Otherwise, I would get the expected “Leave a review?” email, and send it straight to trash. What does it matter, anyway? Nobody reads reviews.

Then, after becoming a Customer Support Representative for The Elderberry Co. and spending substantial time each week reading our own customer reviews, my perspective began to change: not only can my review sharing my personal experience help somebody else come to a decision about their purchase, but my review can also make a difference in the lives of those small businesses I am supporting.

When you share your review, it offers us at The Elderberry Co a little sliver of insight into your life, it forges a sense of community. You are letting others know about how our products have made a difference in the health of your families, how our customer service puts a smile on your face, and how your lives have changed since The Elderberry Co. became a part of your daily regimen.

Nothing we do at The Elderberry Co would be possible without the support of each and every one of our beloved customers. Truly, you all are why we do what we do. Our mission statement is, “Empowering families with a natural and effective way to support their immune systems.” With every review you leave, we can know with certainty that we are accomplishing our mission, and interested inquirers can see testimonies to the power of elderberries. Here are some recent reviews that show our “Why”:

When we spoke with Sandy (pictured below), she said that her favorite product is “the Elderberry Syrup– it is what started [her] back into health and building [her] immune system. It keeps [her] feeling fit and healthy. You are the real deal, and you speak your truth and your experiences!”

When we spoke with Janet (review below) about what led her to The Elderberry Co, she said, “At the start of the pandemic, I had read how good elderberry juice was for the immune system. I tried an over-the-counter syrup. However, I wasn’t satisfied. In May of 2020 I read about a small company in Indiana who made their own batch of syrup, that intrigued me. So, I ordered from them. I was completely satisfied. The people at the company were friendly, I asked questions and they replied promptly and were courteous. The best part, it worked! Since my family and myself started taking the syrup in May of 2020, we did not get Covid, thank God! To this day, I take it everyday. I have had only 1 cold, so that tells me that something is working. The people at The Elderberry Co. are genuine, friendly people who make a great product in their syrup.”

When we spoke with Eileen (review below) about her experience with The Elderberry Co, she said, “Elderberry Syrup is my number 1! I love it. I also have the dried elderberries and put them with a few cinnamon sticks to cook up a batch of tea to keep in the fridge. It’s very tasty!  I’ve recently been using the Raw Coffee Infused Honey– OH MY, so good. I make a bowl of oatmeal, add blueberries, a dash of cinnamon and a drizzle of your coffee honey.  As far as my favorite product, I have to say I love them all, so whichever one I’m using at the time is my favorite (at that time). Lastly, but NOT least, the customer service ROCKS! Marley was kind enough to get a replacement sent out and I am so grateful.  My morning starts with my Elderberry Syrup, and now it’s just my happy routine. Thank you for all you do. ALL OF YOU!”

We read each and every single one of the reviews left on our website. We always hear your feedback and are looking for ways to make our small business the best it can be! So, next time you get that “Leave a review?” email (whether it be from us or another company), think twice before sending it to trash. 

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l used the syrup for about 3 years buying generally when they had specials on it. Then seems all at once the only specials was for the gummys that I don’t want so I quit using everything

James Wells

The flavor and consistency of batches received every month are amazing! I know my body appreciates it!!

Cynthia Green

I’m so impressed with this company. I’ve been taking elderberry syrup for almost a year. I’m healthier than I’ve ever been and I will continue to use this syrup forever. The taste is amazing and I take advantage of their sale when it’s “buy two get one free” and freeze the extra. I love how safely they ship the products. I love supporting small businesses!

Susan Richards

The Elderberry Co is great. I didn’t know about elderberry and the health benefits until a friend told me. I first started a couple of years ago by getting the friend to pick me up a bottle at the drug store. After that I saw The Elderberry Co on line and read the story. I buy it now, am auto delivery, from them. I’m older and not too good with the internet but the staff walk me through everything I need help with. I wish I had known the health benefits when I was younger, but glad I’m taking it now. Due to health problems my immune system is down and I do believe the elderberry helps. It also taste good.
The people there are so nice to answer your questions and help you if you need it.


My husband and I started using the Elderberry syrup a couple of years ago, I think. First, I ordered the kit and made it myself. Then I decided I would go ahead and order the syrup. I also started taking the Collagen and biotin gummies. We are normally pretty healthy so it’s hard to tell but I can say that since taking the syrup regularly, my husband has not had a flare-up of COPD which he’d had before the elderberry syrup. I like supporting a small Indiana business.

Viv Kerwin

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