Happy Customers

Our customers are some of the strongest, most beautiful people we know. Not because they buy our elderberry syrup, but because they look at cold/flu season with fierce determination to not be led by fear, but instead be led by empowerment to fuel their families with nature’s way of helping our bodies stay healthy.

Here are some of their stories...

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"Our family plans to take elderberry year round (we started 6 months ago) to help strengthen our immune systems. When allergy annoyances start to creep in on any of us we take the syrup every few hours and it knocks it out in no time. Jenny is so pleasant to work with it’s super easy to order and pick up. We couldn’t be happier with their product!" - Amber R.


"Our family recently moved to southern Indiana. After three weeks,I feared I might not be able to live here because my sinus headaches were so painful. I was on so many medications those first few weeks, that it was beginning affect my blood pressure. 
A friend of mine suggested Louisville Elderberry and my entire health changed after three morning doses. 
I reduced and eventually stopped all medications for sinus related issues. My family and I use it now preventatively and I cannot remember when it wasn’t part of our overall health care. We jokingly but appropriately call it our ‘elixir of life’ and I recommend it often to other families." - Marti J.
"I was diagnosed with SLE ( Systemic Lupus erythematosus) when I was 20 and pregnant with my first child. My immune system had always been horrible as a child; it seemed like someone could say strep and I would have strep throat within 48 hours! I couldn’t just get a cold with sniffles and a cough, it would put me down for days.  I went thru tonsillectomy, sinus surgeries and multiple allergy shots. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had a total thyroidectomy in 2014.  As an adult, I finally was fed up, I felt like all the medicine I was taking was making me sicker than the actual illnesses! In the early 2000’s I went from being a patient care delivery nurse to working in the EHR ( electronic health record ) industry. I started traveling. As a business traveler I am on a minimum of 4 flights a week, stay in hotels with different types of ventilation, am in different climates every Monday thru Friday then returning home to the southern Indiana area and weather for the weekends. I was always sick, coughing and hacking. My husband coaches high school soccer and basketball, our youngest daughter left at home plays club and high school volleyball. We are always on the go & travelling, I don’t have time to be sick. I discovered The Elderberry Co. syrup during the cold and flu season of 2017. The flu and its various strains were everywhere. I saw a Facebook post as everyone was frantic looking for Tamiflu. I ordered my first jar and have been hooked ever since. I took it daily and didn’t get sick all season. I gave it to my teenage daughter when she was sick and cut her downtime in half. I started my 7 yr old and 2 yr old granddaughter on the gummies and they were able to avoid the Kentuckiana Flu-Mageddon 2017. Due to my immune system, I keep my medicine cup on top of the fridge and take my dose every morning, the rest of my family gets it when they first complain of feeling bad. Our doctor visits were reduced by 75% and we had no ER or Immediate Care center visits this winter! I panicked recently when packing to leave for Disney World/Orlando area for 2 weeks for AAU Volleyball Nationals and vacation when I realized my jar in the fridge was almost empty! It was a Saturday and we were leaving on Monday am. I saw from social media that The Elderberry Co. was set up at the New Albany Farmers Market but had sold out before I figured out I needed a jar and could get there. A quick message to Jenny and she had me a jar ready to be picked up from her Sellersburg Location!!" - Rachel T.