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Elderberry may sound like something from Harry Potter, but when it comes to keeping your family healthy and active, it is a game changer. Among its many benefits, elderberry is packed with vitamins, antioxidants and flavonoids (yes, that's a real thing).

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As a new mom, I was desperate to find these ways to help my children feel their best and build strong immune systems, but I didn't know where to turn. Elderberry Syrup helped me feel empowered as a mom to fuel my children with natural ingredients. Our company started from a simple Facebook post in 2017 where I wanted to share this incredible remedy with other moms looking to keep their families healthy. From that Facebook post, I grew this business from my home kitchen with customers walking up to my front door to a nationwide brand shipping directly to our customers in all 50 states (and now in Canada too)! And we still make the same small batch, hand crafted, fresh and delicious Elderberry Syrup every single week! Our small team puts their heart and soul into every jar, and we are honored to help so many families discover the benefits of elderberries.

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