Elderberries…Where’s the Research?

Elderberries…Where’s the Research?

By Jenny Watson

While I am SO glad the heat of summer has left our part of the country (southern Indiana to be specific), the colder weather reminds us that cold and flu season is pretty much making itself at home, and a few weeks ago, my blissful morning coffee reading was interrupted by this NPR article stating that this winter could be a rough cold and flu season for us all. Yikes! So I wanted to take this opportunity to give our customers access to the research that has been conducted on elderberries and how it could be an effective way for your family to stay healthy with strong immune systems this winter.

Elderberry, a variety of the Sambucus tree, is one of the most commonly used plants for effective immune system support. While there are different varieties, the most common form of elderberry is referred to as Sambucus nigra, also known as the European elderberry or black elder. This tree is native to Europe, though it is widely grown in many other parts of the world as well. It has been used throughout history and ancient civilizations as a natural remedy to many ailments.

Here’s the research:

This isn't the entirety of all research conducted on elderberries, but the articles above have been helpful in my journey of using elderberries as a natural way to keep my family healthy and out of the doctor’s office. I hope it can give you confidence to seek out how elderberries can do the same for your family!

We offer dried elderberries by the pound, as well as incorporate elderberries into many of our other products, including Elderberry Syrup, Elderberry Syrup Kits, Elderberry Immunity Gummies, Lemon Ginger Tea and Apple Hibiscus Tea! How do you incorporate the power of elderberries into your health routine? Comment below and let us know!

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That is really cool Trudi! Thank you for sharing that with us.

Customer Service- Alexandra

It is known in Germany as Hollunderberren and used for healthy juices for over 100 hundred years!!


Thank you for sharing your journey with us and others. We want to empower families to stay healthy and then share about it! Stay well, and know we appreciate you!

Kimberly- Customer Care Team

I can completely agree with Jenny. I found her company when she was first starting out. I have a compromised immune system and my granddaughter was missing alot of school due to ear infections and sore throats. Well I read how Jenny had started this company for her little boy who had respiratory issues like my granddaughter. I thought what the heck its all natural what could it hurt. I order some and my granddaughter started taking it and she hasn’t had an ear infection or throat issue (strep, tonsilitis) since. Colds yes, here and there. I am not a scientist, I am a normal everyday person, but I will tell you I have seen the proof that elderberry works. I have referred a lot of people to this product and when I mention it again, they say they tried it and it is working. I buy the kits, usually 3 at a time, a farm down the road has a stand that sells raw honey (I believe the young girl is running it to save for college) and I make up batches for my daughter and son’s families. I wish I had this when my kids were little as they all had tonsil and ear issues. Thank you Jenny and company for bringing us this wonderful product and continued success.

Hillary Lilly

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