The Magical Land of Lost <strike>Toys</strike> Packages…

The Magical Land of Lost <strike>Toys</strike> Packages…

If you’ve been online shopping at all this holiday season, chances are you’re probably waiting on a package that has yet to arrive. In fact, you probably just checked your email to see the “status” of that gift you bought on Black Friday thinking “gosh, I should have gotten that by now”. I know I’m still waiting on seven candles I bought back in mid-November from a very well-known candle company! Fingers crossed they arrive before Christmas.

You’ve probably seen news articles about how many major carriers, including the one we use (USPS) are experiencing significant delays and often many packages just being declared as “lost”. As a small business who relies HEAVILY on USPS to complete our customer experience, this month has been tough to say the least. There’s not a ton we can control once that perfectly packed box of elderberry syrup or gummies leaves our hands and begins its journey to our customer. For the most part (about 99.6% to be exact), USPS does FANTASTIC at getting our products into the hands of our customers, but just like most things in 2020, our experience lately has been a struggle: lots of delayed and lost packages, lots of disappointed customers. 

As a small business with real people, we value like crazy every single one of our customers. I was just sitting in a meeting with my Customer Care Team last week and listened to their stories of helping our customers get their orders in a timely fashion. They genuinely care about each customer and don’t just see an order number but a person with a story about how our elderberry products have impacted their family and kept them healthy.

What I am in AWE over is how many of our customers have been patient and gracious with us as we sort out exactly where their package is and why their syrup went to Hawaii before its destination in Ohio (it’s happened). While we can’t control everything USPS does, we can control how we respond, and it is always with kindness and generosity, focused on relationships. We wouldn’t have grown this business without our customers so it is our customers we take care of to the best of our ability. 

So I just wanted to hop on here and tell you, our customer, THANK YOU for your patience and grace. Thank you for trusting us to keep your family healthy. Someday we will learn just where all those lost packages went...I’d like to think they are all just hanging out on the beach with a mojito in their hands (humor me) waiting for this pandemic to be long-gone. Who knows :-)

As always, thank you for supporting our small business!


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Hey Kathryn!
That is so great to hear! Thank you for your kind words and spreading the word about us! We truly can’t do this without our customers but most importantly we love that we are proving something to keep families and friends healthy.
Many blessings to you! Stay well.

Customer Service- Alexandra

I’ve bragged up your elderberry syrup so much that now I can count two friends who have ordered and are thrilled with the product and now a third is going to order but is waiting for another 40% off sale on the kits. :) She is frugal but I am convincing her that, even at full price, the product is worth its weight in gold. I haven’t had so much as a cold since taking it for the past year..I think it’s been that long. So glad you are making a product that is so helpful in keeping healthy in this day and age. Blessings!

Kathryn Bremmer

Hi Martha!
We are so happy to hear how this product is helping you and your family!
Thank you for the support, we couldn’t do this without you all.

Customer Service- Alexandra

Hey Christine!
We are so happy you enjoy the syrup and thank you for being so kind!
We love and appreciate our customers!

Customer Service- Alexandra

Hey Constance!
Thank you very much for your kind words! We truly appreciate your support.

Customer Service- Alexandra

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