“Wait, you just sell Elderberry?”

“Wait, you just sell Elderberry?”

Written By Jenny Watson

This was a common phrase I heard three years ago when I opened my storefront in September 2019 in downtown New Albany, IN. People were supportive, but many just didn’t understand or believe that a brick and mortar store could succeed on elderberry alone. But here we are, three years later with a thriving storefront that connects us with our community and offers our small sweet team a homebase where we brew and hand craft our small batch Elderberry Syrup and Wellness Teas. In those three years we have braved a global pandemic, launched new products, hosted several Harvest Homecoming festivals and much much more. Not every day has been smiles and sunshine, but I do know that without our storefront, we would not be able to connect with so many of our most loyal customers. We hear stories daily from our customers about how our products are keeping them healthy and active, especially during times when so many people around them are getting sick. 

While we LOVE our storefront, our secret to our success lies in our online presence. Only about 10% of our customers get to walk through our doors. The other 90% find us online all across the country (and Canada too!). But one of our company values is “relationships” because we place high value on the relationships we build with our customers, team members and community. Without our storefront, we wouldn’t be able to connect with so many people. 

So in honor of celebrating three years of our storefront, we are offering special promotions all month long, but today and tomorrow only, we are offering a FREE sample of our Collagen + Biotin Gummies with any purchase of Elderberry Syrup! I love this promotion because Elderberry Syrup is our oldest (and most popular product) and our Collagen + Biotin Gummies are one of our newest (and becoming more popular) products! 

We are so grateful for this small business and the journey it has taken our family on. I’m just a few months, we will be celebrating FIVE YEARS of our business…five years since I posted on Facebook asking friends and family if they wanted to try a sample of my elderberry syrup. Thank you for continuing to support our small business…it truly means the world to us!

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Hi Bonnie, Thanks for letting us and others know about your experience! Your support means the world to us. We are glad you have enjoyed our products!

Kimberly- Customer Care Team

I love this business and started with the Elderberry Syrup. Then added the Elderberry Gummies ! Also now use Collagen + Bioten gummies. The honey is a great product as well as the teas. Have told others about these wonderful products to help them stay healthy.

Bonnie Faflik

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